Gaming Trend Podcast: Paris Games Week

It’s Paris Games Week and when members of the GT Reboot Podcast aren’t making offensive jokes about French accents we’re talking about the games that Sony showed off at its conference this week.

Quantic Dream is telling the full story of Kara in Detroit: Become Human, Naughty Dog is making bold claims about Uncharted 4’s multiplayer, and Street Fighter V is coming out pretty soon.

In terms of the games we’re playing, we’re weighing in on Halo 5’s standing in the series, why Telltale’s take on Minecraft is the least compelling thing the studio’s put out, and whether or not Battleborn can sustain itself after launch.

Enjoy the show!

Note: We had a strange audio issue with balancing everyone’s voices, so whenever Eric starts talking you’ll hear the sound change, but it’s in the interest of keeping his voice around the same volume as everyone else.


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