Gaming Trend Podcast: No Man’s Mass Effect

This week on Gaming Trend Reboot, the crew gets together to discuss their thoughts, expectations, predictions, and their wildest hopes and dreams for E3 2017. Also discussed: Mass Effect: Andromeda’s troubled development and its likeness to No Man’s Sky, CD Projekt Red’s run-in with real-life cyberpunks, and more leaks from Ubisoft.

Every week, Mike Pearce and Joe DeClara convene to discuss news and previews of upcoming games. Come back every week for in-depth video game talk as well as interviews with developers, journalists, and other Gaming Trend personalities.

Let’s boot up!

Dungeonland Ad Music Credit:
8bit Dungeon Boss Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Intro and other music composed by Joe DeClara.


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