Who will become the Werewolf at Bezier Games — Origins 2018 Preview

Bezier Games is known for their spin on the classic Werewolf with One Night Ultimate Werewolf.  Some gamers didn’t find a single night satisfying, so Bezier decided to expand the gameplay and add some cool looking bits. I got a look at One Week Ultimate Werewolf, and it looks like it will scratch the itch of social deduction fans.

If you want your games to have more permanent consequences, then look no further than Ultimate Werewolf Legacy.  What happens in the game affects how the game plays later.  Matt Ryan showed enough to get an idea what is in the game without including any spoilers.

If you’d rather be creating rail lines than figuring out who the lycan is, then check out the Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains expansion.  You need to work your way through a mountain pass, and the game board has a cardboard piece to actually make it feel like you are working your way up the mountain.  Take a look at the video to find out more.

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