We Interview: Wallace Santos, CEO & Founder of MAINGEAR!

Recently, Ron Burke, Editor-in-chief of GamingTrend, and I had the opportunity to interview CEO and Founder of Maingear, Wallace Santos. During this conversation, we were able to hear all about how Maingear came to be, what their goals are, and more. Something that really caught my attention was the high level of their communication with every type of PC user. As you’ll see in the interview, Ron has years of experience building and modifying computers. I, on the other hand, do not. However, Wallace was able to discuss their products and company in a way that both of us were able to enjoy the conversation! We had a great time talking shop with Wallace and we thank him and his team for their time. Enjoy!

Visit the Maingear Website for more information: MAINGEAR North | MAINGEAR

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