Single player coming : E3 interview with Rainbow Six Siege dev

We caught up with Andrew Witts, game developer with Ubisoft Montreal with regards to the surprise announcement of Rainbow Six Siege. If you recall, the Rainbow Six Patriot was a game slated for release which revolved around the morality of decisions – all of that has been scrapped to instead get to the heart of a franchise that is near and dear to us.

Ubisoft Montreal built Siege’s “Realblast” game engine from the ground-up to address their needs to provide destructible environments which behave more as one would expect. The focus is on the barriers between Team Rainbow and the terrorists, and how we interact with it. For me personally, this was by and away the biggest surprise and certainly a title that’s shot up my most-anticipated list.

It should be noted that they’ve focused their E3 presence solely on the multiplayer mode shown (of which I got to play, and we will have a preview available shortly). They wouldn’t comment on modes of yesteryear such as terrorist hunt, though they did assure us that we can expect more news and mode reveals as we get closer to release, and that the single player campaign will be full and compelling.

Frankly, in a game where bullets matter and cover is your best friend, we’re looking forward to Rainbow Six Siege – fingers crossed that they can hit their late 2015  target release date.


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