RESISTOR_ Hack Your Way to Victory @ PAX East 2015

At PAX East 2015, we got the chance to meet with Nicole Kline of Cardboard Fortress. We got to talk about their game RESISTOR_, how its doing on Kickstarter, and their plans for the future. This is a small company with big ideas! Make sure to keep them on your radar.

Be sure to check out their current Kickstarter RESISTOR_. The campaign ends April 3rd.

Cardboard Fortress @ PAX East 2015 [Gaming Trend]

I haven't always been a gamer. Roller Coaster Tycoon was about as gamey as I got until I met and married my gaming husband. Since 2010 we have been playing every game we can get our hands on. I am drawn to games with high player interaction, superb art, and strong themes.

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