The Razer Nabu Smartband takes wearables to the next level

The wearable market has honestly stagnated a bit over the last year.  Most don’t display a wealth of data, and there hasn’t been a lot of movement in that space.  Razer is looking to change that this Fall with the Razer Nabu.  This upcoming wearable can instead provide a wealth of data to its notification window including incoming calls (including number and caller name), incoming emails, SMS, reminders, chat, Google Maps, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Skype.  You’ll see the note hit your wrist, and you can dismiss it with a quick shake of your wrist.  As a motorcyle rider, I find that concept to be fantastic, providing utility on the road (maps and incoming calls would be useful) without the need to take your eyes off the road.

razer nabu - 2

We had a chance to take a look at the Razer Nabu up close and see the features for ourselves:

If you’d like to see it for yourself, there is a limited beta on July 10th for a lucky 500 that’ll be chosen shortly.

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