Prepare to be in Cahoots with some Poetry Slam-ers at Mayday Games — Origins 2018 Preview

Mayday Games started out making card sleeves, but has since expanded to publishing games.  They range from simple card and strategy games to giant crokinole boards. At Origins they were highlighting a card game and a word game.

Cahoots is a trick-taking game without trump.  Each player has three suits that they want to get, and the players on each side of you will have a suit in common.  With more suits and fewer ranks than a typical deck of cards, you can find a lot of strategy in the game.

Poetry Slam tests your rhyming and your creativity.  You need to make others guess a word you come up with, but you have to do it with a rhyme.  What makes it challenging? The letters you can use for your word start to disappear as the game goes on.

Check the video for more information about both games.


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