Gen Con 50: Dized

While I don’t mind reading through a rulebook, teaching games continues to challenge me.  I don’t have a problem getting the rules of the game, but translating them to the the people at the table seems to be difficult.  Plenty of videos explaining the rules have been created, but they can be time consuming.

Dized currently has an Indiegogo campaign to try to fund their Dized application.  At Gen Con 50, I talked with CEO Jouni Jussila about their application and what makes it different than reading the rules or watching a video.  The major selling point of Dized is that you learn as you play, similar to a tutorial for a video game.

I also got a brief demo of how to play Carcassonne.  The demo is polished and does a great job explaining the game.  While the demo does crash, it does a great job explaining how to play the game without opening the rulebook.  With more games coming and many publishers on board, it looks like a great resource teaching how to play games.

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