Dinosaurs, fireballs, and race cars! Oh my! at Restoration Games — Origins 2018 Preview

Restoration Games has had a string of hits with Stop Thief! and Downforce, but they haven’t been resting on their laurels.  They’ve updated the app for Stop Thief! to include more challenges and a cooperative mode.  They also had a highly successful Kickstarter campaign you may have heard about.

Downforce is getting a new track called Danger Circuit.  The new board will come in minimalist packaging and fit right inside the box.  I really appreciate this approach.  Danger Circuit will have a few new wrinkles in the tracks as well.

Dinosaur Tea Party should be familiar to anyone who has played Guess Who?  However, this version has each player owning two characters.  Since they are dinosaurs, there isn’t any stigmas or stereotypes associated with the characters that may have been found in the original game.

Finally Fireball Island is on display in all its glory.  If you want to bring people into gaming with a game that has table presence, then this is a great choice.  Be sure to check out the prototype in the video that was at Origins.

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