Crazy Eights: Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance on Anomaly

Halloween seems like a time where scares and tense moments are popular.  While video games have had horror elements to them for a while, board games are starting to bring those elements to the tabletop.  Anomaly is a game that uses hidden movement to challenge the survival of students trapped on a space station. I was able to ask Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance eight questions about Anomaly, which is on Kickstarter right now.

Why change the name of the game from Fear Nothing to Anomaly?

The decision to change the name was Starling’s, so I can’t personally tell you exactly all the reasons as I wasn’t there during the meeting ;) However, I think it was a wise decision: a lot of people had trouble with the ” Ø ” that was in front of the title, didn’t known how to pronounce it or type it with their keyboard, and Anomaly is a more evocative name in my opinion.

The game is for two to four players. Is it more difficult for a single student to win compared to three students, or does the game have a scaling mechanism?

The game does have a scaling mechanism. Now, since there are a lot of variables, and it’s difficult to account for all of them with a single mechanism, I must admit the statistics are not 100% the same between all player counts but it’s sufficiently close.

What is the objective for the students to win the game?

Eliminate the Anomaly!

How can the anomaly evolve?

Evolving is an action the Anomaly can perform by discarding 2 cards with an Evolve symbol on them. The Anomaly receives cards when the Students perform special actions.

How does everyone track their position during the game?

Using colored “reminder” tokens which they place on the main board. Students also use tracking cards that are placed in front of their player screens, that indicate both their current and previous zone. This helps the Anomaly, and the other students, narrow down each other’s position.

Will the students be able to plot their moves together, or will they only be able to communicate with each other if they are in the same room?

The Students can speak freely at all time, but everything they say must be audible by the Anomaly.

How will the anomaly keep track of where it is on the board?

Using a mini board behind a screen. Same as the Students, which are also hidden from both the Anomaly and each other.

Will the students start out with different abilities at the start of the game?

They will each start with different cards, so in that sense yes. If you mean abilities by permanent passive abilities, then no.

It sounds like it could be something like The Thing set in space, or maybe have the intensity of the original Alien movie.  Be sure to check out the current Kickstarter campaign.

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