Why the Victrix Pro BFG controller is your best weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s Ranked Play

Scuf. Xbox Elite Series. PlayStation DualSense Edge. All great controllers. But, there is one I’ll choose all day every day, and that’s PDP’s Victrix Pro BFG controller. You’ll see our unboxing for the latest Call of Duty version, Midnight Mask, below, but I wanted to take a moment and tell you why this controller is the best one to use as you jump into Ranked Play. You can also check out our review here!

Unboxing - Why you should use the Victrix Pro BFG when you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

First off, the grip. The Victrix Pro BFG has one of the most natural feels to it, and holding it is as comfortable as it gets. Everything feels perfectly in place, it’s easy to reach each button or stick without straining. Moreso, the modular design allows you to flip your thumbsticks to your preferred location, whether offset or parallel. It’s also devoid of heavy vibration modules, so being light as a feather is a nice bonus.

Secondly, there’s also a looseness to the sticks that, at first, makes you think you’re going to miss your shots. Somehow, the precision available is unmatched. I thought my Xbox Elite Series 2 with adjustable stick tightening made me better; the Victrix Pro BFG manages the flicks without adding extra and unnecessary resistance.

Third, having five different notches for your trigger locks is a benefit I didn’t know I needed. The Victrix Pro BFG triggers are already nice and loose like the thumbsticks, but you can set them to click back with less effort than pressing a face button. They can lead to a few issues when driving a car in Warzone (there’s a threshold on your trigger pull for gas or reverse), but having multiple lock settings allows you to mitigate that while reaping the benefits.

Fourth, these are the best back buttons on the market. While I appreciate the Xbox Elite Series paddles, and PlayStation’s swappable paddles and pull buttons are nice, these standard buttons are perfect. They fit your natural grip, have a great textured feel, and are easy to reprogram via the profile button. That, along with a fantastic, responsive press, make these buttons the best out there.

Unboxing the Call of Duty/Las Almas variant of the Victrix Pro BFG controller for PS5/PS4/PC!

Lastly, being able to switch between wired and wireless use, along with PC, PS4, and PS5 as platforms, makes the Victrix Pro BFG useful in many ways. The battery life is fantastic for wireless use, with up to 20 hours of charge, and the included ten foot braided cable is top-notch for wired players. Being able to jump between PlayStation and PC is great, especially with previous Call of Dutys having early PlayStation betas. My Victrix Pro BFG carries a comfort level with it, and taking it with me between those devices rocks.

Quick bonus round: You’ll be able to purchase Hall Effect modules for your Victrix Pro BFG in 2024! That, and an Xbox version is coming soon. Grabbing the best controller for almost any platform and being able to equip it with anti-drift sticks is almost in hand. You can buy your Victrix Pro BFG controller for PS5, PS4, and PC here. Pre-orders for the Xbox version are available here.

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