Sneak Energy Rocket Punch impressions — Popsicle vibes

It may not be summer in the US, but the sun is shining somewhere. As such, Sneak Energy’s new “Rocket Punch” flavor is perfect for those who’d like a refreshing drink to start even the coldest of mornings. This flavor is currently available only in the US, so grab it while you can. Sneak has even dropped a Hydrate variant alongside, giving them the original flavor I thought was lacking in my review of the new line. Check out our taste test, go grab your own via the links below, and use our discount code to save $5 off your order of $65 or more (GAMINGTREND5)!

FALCON PUNCH - Sneak Energy Taste Test of Rocket Punch flavor!

You can pick up Sneak Energyyour Sneak ShakesThe New Rocket Punch, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here.

We tried corndog flavor. We sampled bald eagle flavor*. We even perfected a spray-on cheese flavor. None of these quintessentially American tastes even came close to the tastebud blitz that is Rocket Punch.

Based on the Popsicles of our rose-tinted youth, Rocket Punch combines blue raspberry, cherry and lime for a seriously fruity flavor. Houston, we do not have a problem.

*No eagles were harmed in the making of this hypothetical flavor.

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