Sneak Energy Billions duo impressions — A billion reasons to cop some

We are back with more Sneak Energy goodness! This time though, things are a bit mixy. Mixy in that, Sneak has come at us with two new flavors by fusing together two others! Welcome to the fold, Sneak Strawberry Billions, a combo of the Strawberry Millions and recent Blizzard flavor, and Sneak Bubblegum Billions, a smash up of Bubblegum Millions and Blizzard. Both definitely have their own distinct tastes, but don’t take it from written me, take it from video me in our taste test below! That, along with grabbing your own via our handy links!

Grab your Sneak Strawberry Billions and Sneak Bubblegum Billions by clicking the respective link! You can pick up Sneak Energy, your Blue Raspberry tubs, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here. Check out our other taste tests here!

Worth a BILLION? Sneak Energy Billions (Blizzard x Millions) Taste Tests! - [Gaming Trend]

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