New gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront II’s Starfighter Assault and Strike modes

Earlier this week, Gaming Trend got to play a ton of the all-new Starfighter Assault multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront II. Whether you’re a Vulture droid or a Clone trooper piloting an ARC-170 Starfighter, Criterion’s take on intergalactic dog fighting is a lot of chaotic, laser-filled fun. Enjoy!

The Federation must exact its revenge upon the Republic for destroying its Starship. It’s a good thing there’s a second round in this game mode. What’s Poe Dameron doing here? How is he born?

Strike is an objective-based mode of attacking and defending points. Two teams. Shoot until you win. This time it’s on a planet that’s been retrofitted with a superweapon. FIGHT!

There’s a Death Star II. But despite its shiny new TIE fighter hanger, we bring it back to yesteryear with some good ol’ fashioned Strike.

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