I may have a pinny problem — Pinny Arcade New Horizons Set Impressions

After several years of ignoring it, I think I may have a problem: I have too many pins. Part of me, the part that has ignored this ever-growing situation, thinks one can never have too many pins. This is the part that also thinks these ripped PJs have at least one more good year in them. That part is wrong. Frequently. Except this one time with these fabulous Pinny Arcade pins based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons! So let’s not let the existential dread set in, and take a look!

To start off, they’re very shiny! The outlines of each character have a nice, silvery sheen to them which makes them nice to look at with your eyeballs, but difficult to photograph. Trust me when I say that they really pop out at you from almost any angle. The colors themselves on the pins are nice and vibrant as well, but don’t reflect light in the same way, further accentuating the outlines. This set comes with four pins, Tom Nook in his casual Island attire, Isabelle sporting a similar pink top and a skirt, Timmy and Tommy (who can never be separated) in the same but green, and finally K.K. Slider naked as can be. Each character is very detailed and they’ve all clearly had a lot of love put into them. One of the nooklings even has his little flag that was cruelly taken away from him after Nook’s Cranny opens. You wave that flag, kiddo!

There’s not much else to say about these high quality pins. They’re cute, look great, have sharp backing for pinning the pins (though they come with caps to cover them for safety), and overall a great addition to your collection. Now, excuse me while I browse the Penny Arcade website for more pins. While I look for more pins, we’ll be hosting a giveaway for pins just like these on our twitch channel!

Head on over to the  Pinny Arcade store and get your paws on them while you can!

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