GT Call Of Duty League Power Rankings — What we think before the Major IV qualifiers

The Seattle Surge are the reigning champions after an incredible Major III winner’s run, but we’re on to the next one. The Call Of Duty League 2022 Major IV qualifiers are upon us, and before we talk about them it’s time to rank everyone heading into the final stage of the regular season. There’s a lot that has changed, with quite possibly one of the most unexpected rostermanias hitting at the brink of Champs. Could it change anything? Let’s look below. 

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1. Atlanta Faze

It may not look pretty, but after three straight Grand Finals appearances this team is the most consistent in the league, and leads the standings in CDL points. Obviously you always want to win a Major, and Faze probably should do so in this one to not only cement the number one seed for Champs, but to prove themselves versus the rest of the league. Not to mention, momentum is important heading into championship matches. The other question will be if Cellium can keep up his MVP pace, given the guy has been on another level in Vanguard.

2. Optic Texas

While you could call Optic and Faze the best, Optic certainly might have the more uphill battle. Two finishes outside of the top four leave a lot to be desired of this team, and before you start screaming “SUBSTITUTE”, they did this with iLLeY at Major II. Beyond that, iLLeY is still out, with additional complications to his injury leaving him gone for at least another two weeks. With all that’s happened though, who knows if he’ll actually make it back even for Champs, let alone Major IV. It’s an unenviable position this team finds itself in, and they have to hope they didn’t peak too early. That being said, between Scump, Shotzzy, and Dashy, it’s not like they aren’t loaded. Someone just needs to step up.

3. Toronto Ultra

I was tempted to put Seattle here, but Toronto looked so much closer to the team we saw that made it to Champs last year. Sure, they haven’t been consistent in Hardpoint, and you wonder if that could cost them at the end of the year, but they’re playing great at the right time of the year to be playing great. Winning the home Major would have been nice, but that boost of confidence could give them the juice to make it far in the coming weeks. Cammy starting to look like his Cold War MVP candidate self helps too.

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4. Seattle Surge

I’m at least a bit worried for this team, not because I think they’ll crash and burn, but because they’ve been shaky at times. Literally everything went right for them at Major III, and while it’s good to see a team put it all together, I’m not sold on this being the Seattle we’ll see every single week. They have the talent to beat everyone on their schedule, but if Mack, Sib, and Pred aren’t all frying at the same time, I don’t know that they’ll be able to repeat.

5. Los Angeles Thieves

This is where things get super mixy, because I think my 5-7 slot could easily be interchangeable because I don’t trust any of them while recognizing the talent they have to beat top teams. That being said, LAT obviously has the most talent on this roster, but to a degree they remind me of the Mutineers; if a specific player doesn’t do well, they falter. Kenny has to stop with the plus or negative 20+ kill stat lines. This team needs consistency from him or they won’t go far in a Major where they have a lot to gain… and just as much to lose. Envoy can also be mentioned here, although to a lesser extent.

 6. Florida Mutineers

Florida, Florida, Florida. Just when we think you’re making the right decision in putting Davpadie on the bench… you go and get another AR. Here’s the thing, Davpadie is a great player, but just a bad fit for this roster. Putting in Majormaniak (who I love to death), doesn’t solve the Mutineers problems though, because his pacing is going to be similar to Davpadies. I do think Mike will be a catalyst for them in Search and Destroy, bring a needed leadership voice, and be more decisive, but I would have liked to see the addition of 2Real occur with the benching, not getting rid of Vivid.

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7. Minnesota Rokkr

Maybe this is higher than you think they deserve to be, but I think it’s about right. They will most likely beat every team below them on this list, but I can’t count on them to beat anyone above them. Could they surprise us? Absolutely. But beyond Attach, no one on this roster has been consistent. I love the duo of Havok and Standy, but you can’t say there aren’t at least a few growing pains showing up there. As for Priestahh, it’s another area where they are married to someone and they gotta take the rose-colored glasses off. He’s serviceable, and he can have pop off moments, but this title isn’t working for him, and it’d be better to grab an actual main AR. Especially with no shortage of them.

8. Boston Breach

The question facing Boston is if the switch from Capsidal to Vivid is more than a lateral move. They both play similarly, and I’m worried they both have too similar of stat lines. I guess maybe you can trust Vivid slightly more given he’s been around the block, but all and all it seems like small potatoes when you could point at almost any member of this roster when it comes to underperforming. They just can’t string together good games, except for Methodz insane Major II. Beyond that, you wonder if they can hold on to a decent spot for Champs with a tough qualifying stage ahead.

9. London Royal Ravens

I’d like to move London up higher because I absolutely love them getting Gismo back, but I want to wait and see before I make that call. Gismo was sensational at the beginning of the season, and due to family and personal reasons fell off before he left the team for a while. Getting him back could be that honeymoon effect this squad needs, along with moving Zero back to main AR where he needs to be. Besides that, I’m excited to watch this team play again with the speed they did at the season’s start, as Gismo allowed them to move at a blistering pace.

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10. New York Subliners

New York and LAG are completely interchangeable at 10 and 11, but I give this to New York because of Paco. The talent this team has gives them a chance any time they take the field, although their Champs hopes are likely chalked due to several bad finishes at the Majors. I don’t completely understand what’s happened to them, as they haven’t won a single map when it counts on LAN. They have to play literally perfect throughout this final stage and Major, along with having several teams drop key matches.

11. Los Angeles Guerrillas

The only reason I have them below New York is because I don’t trust the roster I’m seeing. Moving in Spart and Neptune in place of Gunless and Asim isn’t going to make this team any better, and if they hadn’t won a miracle Major II we’d be talking about them as the worst squad in the game next to Paris. What really sucks is they actually have the talent to win Majors (as evidenced in Major II), but they too often don’t play up to their potential. It’s just weird, especially with all the leadership that’s supposedly in the building.

12. Paris Legion

#FreeTemp. Gotta start this one out the same, because even if this team can mathematically make Champs, it ain’t happening (can we get him loaned out?). They might be headed for another winless stage and Major honestly. The hope they can have is in the team they’ve assembled however. The switch from John to Johnny is hilarious, but was so incredibly necessary. Suddenly, Temp is surrounded by a bunch of young, hungry players that have a lot of potential, so perhaps we could see at least a few wins out of them. If GRVTY keeps up his stellar play along with the SMG duo of Jimbo and Johnny figuring things out, Paris matches may be something worth watching beyond Temp.

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