Call Of Duty League Stage1/Week 1/Day 1 takeaways — Tim does it again… mostly

Another day, another Timthetatman curse. Well, at least for two out of the three. As the Call Of Duty League kicked off the 2022 season, they had to invite the guy who has been jinxing sporting events as of recent. He did a livestream right before everything started, picking the Florida Mutineers, Boston Breach, and New York Subliners. For two of them it was a rough day, but for one team there was relief. Here’s our thoughts on what happened.

London Royal Ravens vs the Florida Mutineers

  • Well, one ship got righted quickly. Like we said in our earlier thoughts, this was a team going up against what turned out to be the hottest team in the league, so it was easy to look off. London responded quick 3-0 that never even felt close, dominating from start to finish.
  • All it really took was London to play like a team, and they looked in prime form. When you outslay a team by 59 kills, it’s a bloodbath. Not to be overlooked was Gismo, who’s steady presence on the Automaton gave way to +22 kills and a 1.63 KD.
  • So, we know what they can do versus arguably the worst team in the league, what can they do when they’re up against real competition? I think London will gel as the season continues, but with Optic Texas on the docket tomorrow things might get ugly.
@royalravens vs @MiamiHeretics | Opening Weekend 2022 | Day 1

  • We keep saying it, as Skyz goes so do the Mutineers. He finished a terrible -21 kills, and only got TWENTY-FOUR kills the ENTIRE match. This is the same guy who dropped a forty bomb in the very first map played at the Kickoff Classic. Somethings got to get figured out because that can’t be happening. Add to that only fourteen of those were non-traded and it’s just a terrible match.
  • Vivid similarly had a terrible outing, finishing at -23 kills. At least he was active in the Control, but he was double negative in the opening Hardpoint.
  • Owakening gave it his best, and even that was a paltry -1 kills, with a 46/47 stat line. I’m not sure what Florida needs to do, but they need to figure it out fast.

Boston Breach vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • The curse is broken, but there’s still work to do. After losing Game 5 at the Kickoff, Boston showed resiliency and never let the Guerrillas see the finish line, beating them in the final S&D 6-4 that wasn’t as close as it looks. Methodz and TJHaLy showed off some great teamwork going 9-5 a piece, with heads up plays that helped them start fast.
  • Resiliency might be the motto for this squad, especially in the Gavutu Control. There were several moments where they seemed like they were destined to throw it, but they absolutely clutched up in the fourth round. With 17 seconds left it didn’t seem like Boston would be able to break the B point, but TJHaLy got a pick and Capsidal grabbed a massive 2 piece with 2.9 seconds left which allowed Boston the opportunity to jump on the beachside point. Asim and Gunless tried their best to make big plays, But Nero took them out, pulling the Breach into a 2-2 tie before their eventual 3-2 win.
  • Boston gets a break the rest of this week, and even though it may be well deserved if I were them I wish I was playing. Coming off an emotional win like this has you in the mindset you can do anything, and not being able to follow that up kind of sucks.
Call of Duty League Opening Weekend 2022 | Day 1

  • Talk about another disappointment. The Guerrillas should have had the round four of Control, and it took a herculean effort from Huke and Asim in the Berlin Hardpoint just to get it to a map five. They might have been more competitive today, but it still feels like they’re discombobulated even when they have control.
  • Huke gave, and then he took away. He went off in the Berlin Hardpoint to the tune of 38/25, and 30 of those were non-traded which is insane. But right after that he went and dropped the first donut of this young season, going 0/8 in the Berlin S&D. Huke feels like he’s going to be the reason the Guerrillas win, but also why they’ll lose.
  • Los Angeles gets to face off against their east coast rivals in New York tomorrow. Don’t let New York’s recent defeats fool you though, I get the feeling they might make us question the roster LAG put together.

New York Subliners vs the Seattle Surge

  • New season, same result. New York got clowned for the second time versus Seattle, only this time there wasn’t a mixy Gavutu Hardpoint to make things look more competitive. The Subliners looked out of sorts, and it cost them even though they made a run at each map.
  • I don’t think father time has caught up with Clayster, but he certainly didn’t start well. He finished -16 kills, and all of that stat line started in a near double negative on the opening Tuscan Hardpoint.
  • As good as he is, we really need to see Hydra controlling these matches. Superstars tend to change the tone in a game, and Hydra was at best meh. The worst thing was it seemed like he wasn’t making a big impact on rotations and was caught out of place a lot.

Clayster and co react after the round 11 loss to Seattle Surge

  • If you thought the Kickoff Classic was a fluke, Seattle put that idea to bed with a match that never really seemed in doubt. They are still perfect on Gavutu Control, and until a third map is in rotation teams are probably going to have to play them there. That’s a scary thought for at least the first stage.
  • He might get overlooked by Pred (which, Pred is incredible), but you can’t ignore the clinic Sib put on today. He was +20 kills with a 1.37 KD, and he controlled the map on Tuscan, 39/22.
  • The elder statesmen of the group that may be forgotten due to the rookies, Accuracy and Mack made two round clinching plays that were the difference in the Bocage S&D. Mack got two big kills on the bomb in round 8 which ended in an Ace for him, and Accuracy played the clock perfectly in round 5, taking an extra half a second away from CrimSix that proved to be the difference in a defuse.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our takeaways as this week’s matches takes place, and we’ll do our best to bring you content here and on our YouTube channel! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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