Call Of Duty League Stage 1/Week 2/Day 3 takeaways — Getting mixy with Hicksy

Well, one game went how we expected, and the other not so much. You might have guessed the opposite today if you heard the news of Cammy being out for the Toronto Ultra, with rookie Hicksy stepping up in his place. If you’re a Toronto fan, take no heed to those sad tidings, but if you’re a London fan, you may need a tissue. Let’s get into our takeaways of what happened in today’s matches.

London Royal Ravens vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • London were surprisingly flat today, making mistakes and generally seeming like they were in the blender as opposed to them usually doing that to opponents. Some of that falls to them trusting too much in their ability to break Hardpoints, and Los Angeles made them pay for it with some smooth veteran play.
  • Zero really had his butt handed to him today. He was 63/80 for a .79. You really need him to continue to evolve in that veteran leader role, and especially help this team deal with their first regular season loss. Hopefully that will include working with the squad on being better about rotations in Hardpoint.
  • Gismo had his worst match in his very short life in the CDL. He will assuredly pick himself back up, someone with his talent doesn’t stay down long. But, this is where you take the tape and learn from your mistakes. If he does, he’ll end the season in discussion for rookie of the year.
@royalravens vs @LAGuerrillas | Major I Qualifiers Week 2 Highlights | Day 3

  • My goodness, the grit out of Los Angeles! They just continued to play hard and play smart, and that won them so many maps. What Minnesota failed at yesterday in applying the pressure to the Ravens, LAG did, especially in the Berlin Hardpoint.
  • Asim is the heartbeat of this team, and his constant multikills and streaks were only a part of the equation. He always seemed to be in the right place, and finished with a 1.32 KD and 78% non-traded kills. That may not even be why he’s the biggest asset of the team, as his comms and leadership seem to be invigorating his squadmates.
  • Huke needs to figure out his role in Control. He has been awful, posting a 90/124 in the mode through 4 maps. That works its way out to a .73 and -34 kills. As unsurprising as it is, LAG hasn’t won a Control yet, so they’ve got to get this corrected.

Toronto Ultra vs Florida Mutineers 

  • If you’re Toronto, literally everything played out in your favor. Hicksy made plays in place of Cammy, Florida kept making odd mistakes, and you won a Bocage by the skin of your teeth that should have gone the way of the Mutineers. Life is good.
  • Hicksy’s stat line won’t show it, but his turn and burn in the final moments of that Bocage Hardpoint absolutely won the game. It was a beautiful 3 piece that took a lot of skill to pull off. The real question we might ask is how the rich keep getting richer.
  • That Control was another one that should probably have leaned Florida’s way, but watching the Ultra play it you completely understand why they won. There’s not a better squad at playing like a team, evident watching CleanX fly through B for picks, or Bance getting in the backline. The final stack to clutch was a thing of beauty, and that’s just what you expect out of Toronto.

  • One imagined after the very competitive game they played versus Los Angeles Thieves and Cammy being out for the Ultra, things were looking good for Florida. But what we got was Hicksy making some ridiculous plays, and even though every map came down to the wire Toronto came out with the 3-0. Things can’t look any worse for Florida, who just couldn’t catch a break.
  • The Tuscan S&D felt kind of like the Bocage S&D from yesterday. Florida had to mount a comeback, and while they made it to a round 11 they weren’t decisive enough in their rotation to the B bomb, and got picked off one by one until Ultra walked away with the W.
  • What do you do right now if you’re Florida? I mean, Davpadie has started looking comfortable in his role, so I’m not sure replacing him is the play. It feels like they’re kind of stuck, not able to make a change but not good enough to cross the finish line.

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