Call Of Duty League 2022 Major III/Week 3/Day 2 takeaways — “The king is dead”

After some less than competitive matches yesterday, the trend unfortunately continued, even if we watched some major talents show off what they could do. For the teams that won, you likely gained or maintained ground for seeding at Major III. For the ones that lost, it probably isn’t getting much better. Check out what happened below.

Atlanta Faze vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Actual: 3-1 Atlanta Faze

  • It certainly wasn’t looking good to start. For the second time this week, a map Faze looked invincible on in the Bocage Hardpoint was snatched violently from them. It wasn’t ever close, with Faze creeping up in the initial rotations and then going down after handing LAG multiple almost full holds on hills. It wasn’t great, and even worse considering Cellium started 16/27 for a .59 KD.
  • After that first stumble though, Faze found their footing again. A 6-1 Desert Siege saw the squad get back to what we are used to seeing from them, dominance. aBeZy looked fantastic at 9/3, with Arcitys looking comfortable as the sniper for the team at 6/3. Simp was only 1/3, but he wasn’t needed to be the superstar on this one.
  • Don’t look now, but this team is starting to get hot on Gavutu Control. Sure, it was against LAG, but outslaying the other squad by 25 kills will generally get you the W. Everyone was positive and frying, led by Cellium’s +12 kills. Funny enough he had the least damage of everyone on Faze, although he was only 162 points behind the top player on Los Angeles.
@AtlantaFaZe vs @LAGuerrillas | Major III Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • This was a big disappointment from the Guerrillas after that fantastic opening. Huke and Asim were beaming on Bocage, not just winning 1v1s but turning them into multi-kills. It seemed like every time Faze made a rotation, even if they did so early, they were there first. They even turned Atlanta’s money hill at Barn/P4 into their home.
  • Unfortunately after that no one on Los Angeles made it past even in the kill department. Instead it seemed like they fell into similar habits they’ve had before, getting close (except for Desert Siege), but not being able to close things out. At this point it definitely seems like the Major II win was their absolute highest ceiling with almost everything working to their favor.
  • What didn’t work to their favor today was Gunless’ performance. He’s not had a great go of things after finally coming back healthy after the tough first two games, but at least they had found a win. He was negative in every game with -27 kills for the match, and a first in S&D statlines, a 0/5 but with no damage whatsoever. I get handling the sniper, but if you’re playing like that it’s time to pull out an Automaton.

London Royal Ravens vs Toronto Ultra

Actual: 3-1 Toronto Ultra

  • London doesn’t at all resemble the team that jumped to the third spot in the CDL standings. At this point, all of those points came during their runs at Major I, with the Major II qualifiers gifting them some more. If not for the struggles of Boston and the Guerrillas, they’d have been knocked out of that spot a long time ago.
  • The whole team went negative, but what looks worse is how badly the SMG line has looked. Afro and Nastie combined for -27 kills, and this team that used to be able to break hills without flinching is struggling in the Hardpoints. All goes to show, breaking hills is not a meter for success. You have to learn to rotate and hold them better.
  • I’m not sure Gismo is specifically who you can point to as to why this team suddenly fell off the cliff, but not having him is most likely hurting the composition of this team as well as their morale. He was the hype man, and more importantly he was an aggressive flex. While Harry isn’t the problem for this team, he does seem to make them go slower, which I think is hurting Afro and Nastie.
@royalravens vs @TorontoUltra | Major III Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • It feels like Toronto is back. Cammy wasn’t necessarily the catalyst in this one, but he did his thing and Insight and CleanX thrashed London. We’ve said it before, they may not be the superstars that you see on Optic or Faze, but there’s not a team in the CDL that plays better as a unit than they do when they’re on point. And they’re headed into their home Major? Watch out.
  • CleanX did a bunch of CleanX things on Berlin… again. He was 33/26 on the Hardpoint and an incredible 10/1 on the S&D. Beyond a Control that was a bit crappy for Toronto as a whole, he was putting on the pressure, finishing the day 101/83 for a 1.22 KD.
  • Bance was the only player to fall negative at 94/96, but he had a massive 12k in damage. That means he was doing what he does best, being a thorn in the side of the opponent, constantly in the back harassing and setting up his teammates.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Boston Breach

Actual: 3-0 Los Angeles Thieves

  • Talk about dominant. There wasn’t a single map LAT didn’t win without sweating. They 100 point clubbed on the Gavutu HP, 6-0ed on the Berlin S&D, and 3-0ed on the Berlin Control. It was a spanking, and the Thieves had a big paddle.
  • No one on the Thieves really had to team up to do anything, you had Octane and Envoy looking like a blast from the past to do it all, even if they alternated. Octane went OFF on Gavutu with 34 kills and only 11 deaths, the first triple positive I think I’ve seen in a Hardpoint this year. Envoy followed that up with a perfect 9/0 in the S&D, using his glide bomb after everyone else was dead, then had the 2.00 KD in Control with a 28/14 statline. Those two might be the most important for the Thieves to have rolling.
  • Don’t look now, but LAT has a chance to knock Optic Texas down yet again, but they’ll have to clutch up as the last two meetings have ended with Game 5s where this squad has looked confused. Can they exorcize those demons heading into the Major and gain a huge seeding jump?
@LAThieves vs @BOSBreach | Major III Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • You can’t say anything more than Boston didn’t show up today. That may be the most embarrassing beatdown of the year, completely dominated from start to finish (and it didn’t take long). It’ll be tough, but they’ve got to shake it off and try to get into winners in their last match.
  • Not a single player went positive, but even worse none of them managed better than 41 kills or 4955 damage. Nero had the worst of it, with -22 kills and a .58 KD. He’s so hot and cold for this team, being unkillable at times and then seemingly leaving Boston in 3v4s. He has to start being more consistent if this team is going to get back up.
  • Besides him, TJHaLy was equally bad. He had the most damage for the team, but was only incrementally better with a 31/21 statline. The vets have to help their rookies, and so far he hasn’t exactly been the image of consistency they need to emulate.

New York Subliners vs Optic Texas

Actual: 3-1 New York Subliners

  • If you asked someone at the Major II tournament if they could see the Subliners beating Optic in the Major III qualifiers, they’d probably laugh at you and ask if half the team was sick. That wasn’t the case in this one, but New York stepped up in several big moments and took this one out of Optic’s hands.
  • Before you start with “oH oPtIc HaD a SuB”, that guy is playing just as well as any pro in the league right now and is an example for why we need expansion. Even moreso, New York is technically playing with two, even if PaulEhx has been on the roster for a while now. Kismet played out of his mind in this one, and even if his final stats don’t show it, he was constantly making big plays and grabbing multi-kills that were the difference in this one. His kill onto Shotzzy in the round 11 of the S&D along with a perfect read of the small of Dashy’s head as he sped by the side door of Train Office led to a two-piece that closed things out and gave NYSL the 2-0 lead.
  • Hydra is still one of the best players in the league if you happened to forget. He was all over the map doing his thing, with +12 kills and a 1.16 KD vs one of the best duos in the league in Shotzzy and Scump. Hydra is a big reason they got shutdown, along with Kismet.
@NYSubliners vs @OpTicTexas | Major III Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • Scump certainly did everything he could, including one of the plays of the year to help his team stay in the S&D. He was in a 1v4 with bomb down, and somehow managed to creep up to the B bomb window on Berlin and blast Crimsix in a moment you’re sure Crim dropped some serious language. It may not have kept Optic from going down 5-1 and having to mount a comeback, but it certainly kept them from losing 6-0.
  • For all of the heroics that occured in just getting to the round 11, Shotzzy wasn’t involved in the slightest. He finished 1/10 on the Berlin S&D, and oddly ran through the front door of A directly into Kismets fire to give New York the man advantage in the final round. Strangely he was also having an off day in the opening Hardpoint as well, with a .60 KD on Berlin.
  • At least Dashy managed to regain after a stinky Hardpoint, being the catalyst for the S&D comeback and the reason they dominated the Control. On the Tuscan Control he went off, finishing 33/20 and nearly 4k damage.

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