Call Of Duty League 2022 Major III/Week 2/Day 1 takeaways — Tea in the harbor

‘Muuuurrrica. Boston took on London, and that was a banger. While none of the “top four” teams played today, we still got to watch some great Call Of Duty. Not to mention, we got to watch the desk go nuts with money guns as this was the beginning of bounty week, with multiple games having $10k on the line. I see you and your twerking Velly.

Boston Breach vs London Royal Ravens

Actual: 3-1 Boston 

  • I don’t know how the crap Boston pulled off that Search and Destroy, but that’s ridiculous. We haven’t seen many full sails (team goes up 5-0 only to lose 5-6), but already we’ve seen it twice in a month, the Subliners at the Pro-Am versus the Thieves, and now Boston. It definitely came through because of outstanding series from the rookies Capsidal and Nero. 
  • Nero’s stat lines may not have stood out, but his play certainly did. He straight up burned the Royal Ravens in the final round of the full sail, killing Zero and then Nastie in the close confines of the B bomb site of Berlin before planting the bomb. At that point it was more or less over, if it already hadn’t been rounds ago. 
  • On to the other rookie, Capsidal. He was just flying around the map, looking like he had a Heelys perk as he slipped and slid around the map. He was certainly influential in the S&D with 12 kills, and he made the winning play on the Tuscan Hardpoint with his flank over at field. But he owned the Control. He was 21-12, with a moment of brilliance as he maneuvered around the staircase between fire and P3 for 4 kills. When these guys are on, the Breach can dominate. 
@BOSBreach vs @royalravens | Major III Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 1

  • London can’t be happy with this result, but in my opinion this match was over after the full sail. It’s tough to recover both composure and momentum after a bad map loss, but sitting on match point without your opponent scoring and losing? That sucks and your mental state has to be pretty fried.
  • You could see this in the Berlin Control, where the Royal Ravens floundered in a 0-3 loss. None of them were positive, and Afro in particular was sitting on only 27 engagements, 11/16. If he’s not in their back and punishing them, it’s going to be a rough Control, and things don’t get much worse than that one.
  • At least they grabbed the Gavutu? It was a really clean one at that, with London punishing Capsidal who only managed 13 kills alongside 25 deaths. They’ve got to keep this one in the rotation, as they had +20 kills between them.

Minnesota Rokkr vs Toronto Ultra

Actual: 3-2 Minnesota Rokkr

  • What about that Havok firepower?! He made the Tuscan Hardpoint his own and dragged his squad to the victory on a fantastic route to P2 where Toronto was already set up, giving his team the time they needed to set up. Havok was a monster, finishing 41/21, over 4k damage, and even more insane 31 of his kills being non-traded (him being killed within 5 seconds of a kill).
  • Minnesota’s offensive win on the Tuscan Control was fantastic, with two solid defenses to claim the W. The big play that swung the final round was an interesting spot around ramp on a window sill that I’ve never seen before that gave Standy an important two piece. That gave them a tick at B, which was then followed up by Havoks two piece that allowed them to cap it, leading to an easier A capture, even if they did finally win on lives. The only thing I can fault them for; constantly getting one kill away from glide bombs and blowing it.
  • Although we saw the squad tease us multiple times with the possibility of a glide bomb, one finally came through to bless the Rokkr in the penultimate round. For the third straight map Havok went off, getting in a groove on Desert Siege and helping bring his team an extra $10k in cash along with a reverse sweep to stay perfect in Major III.
@ROKKRMN vs @TorontoUltra | Major III Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 1

  • It was much more of a battle than it initially appeared, but CleanX was running rampant over Minnesota. He finished 15/5, but was on a ten spree before they killed him once on the way to a 4-0 lead. It got a little dicey after he calmed down, but he won his 1v1 to send it to a map 3, 6-3.
  • It blows my mind watching Ultra on the Tuscan Hardpoint and seeing them get nearly so many multi-kills that they shouldn’t. Yeah, they lost one they were blasting Minnesota on, but it felt like they were getting breaks on some ridiculous plays by the likes of Bance, Cammy, and CleanX. That being said, they weren’t just slaying everything that moved, with three members under positive.
  • Every time Toronto gets some momentum and you think they’re starting to put it together, they have an odd game. In this one they were so dominant in the first two maps, going up 2-0 and all they had to do was clutch up in those moments where we almost always see them do so. It didn’t happen this time, and you wonder if they’ll be able to be anything more than be a rough speed bump for a top 4 team.

Florida Mutineers vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Actual: 3-1 Florida Mutineers

  • Both of the Hardpoints felt very methodical, and almost safe to a degree. Even so, Florida’s struggles on Gavutu led to a closer map than it should have been. Thank God for Vivid though, posting 28 kills with a whopping 24 of them non-traded. On a map like Gavutu, that matters tremendously, and his read of Huke moving back to grab spawns for the final hill sealed the map win.
  • Skyz went off in this one so of course the Mutineers won this one. He and Vivid both rebounded from poor showings versus Optic, willing their team to a 3-1 victory. Skyz was 69/54 for +15 kills, and a 1.28 KD. His 22/8 Control was extraordinary, pushing back LAG every time they thought they had a foothold. His six spree to hold ring control and help Florida take the B point was brilliant.
  • It’ll be very interesting to see if Florida has taken a step towards being the team they were during Major II and the Pro-Am. Their next game will be a good litmus test and a grudge match, facing off against the Havok and the 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr. I’m not sure you can anoint whoever emerges from this one, but if Florida can come out swinging and 3-0 them I’m back closer to my prediction of top 3 team.
@MiamiHeretics vs @LAGuerrillas | Major III Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 1

  • Welcome back Gunless, sorry your party had to be so lame. The former starter is back to being a starter after a health scare, but his presence wasn’t enough to change the outcome. In fact, he really struggled in this one, beyond his +3 kills in a Control LAG are going to want to forget. Muscle memory takes time to kick in, although the Guerrillas certainly hope they’ll see him dominate sooner rather than later. 
  • Huke’s performance on the Berlin S&D was the only reason this team has a map win this stage. It felt like Huke was being Huke in this one, being that annoying thorn in your side that’s constantly shooting you in the back even though you don’t think there’s any way he could already be there. He finished the map 12/6, 6 non-traded kills, and 4 first bloods for LAG to finally get on the board.
  • They’ll look at that Gavutu Control and question what could have been. Florida gave up the A point relatively quickly in the opening round and turtles up to even things out. After a pretty solid hold, LAG suddenly got on the point with 2.8 seconds left, and it honestly looked like they’d hold it. Right before B hit the second tick, Skyz got a twofer, dashing the hopes of Los Angeles. That could have put them up 2 rounds and sitting on match point, but Florida got an attack win in and stole it from them.

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