Call Of Duty League 2022 Major III/Week 1/Day 3 takeaways — Off their Rokkr

If I could just get things done on time, that’d be great, but the Call Of Duty League is keeping things rolling. We had several matches today, with at least one surprise. Week 2 ought to be pretty interesting with Bounty Week incoming and money on the line, but for now we have to talk about the standings and how things are shaping up in the CDL.

Seattle Surge vs Paris Legion

Actual: 3-1 Seattle Surge

  • The rookies owned the space in this one. Pred dropped a 40 bomb on the opening Bocage and Sib was right behind him with 37. Bocage may not be the best competitive map, and may go down as one of the worst in CDL history, but it’s certainly entertaining.
  • Seattle might need to go back to the drawing board on Search and Destroy. They’ve lost all three maps they’ve played this stage, and it hasn’t been pretty on Tuscan. There’s not a lot to specifically point to, but you definitely need more than 4/8 out of Accuracy.
  • That being said, they’ve got Berlin Control down. The stats aren’t that ridiculous, and that’s only because they won so easily. Pred again had his way on this one, 22/14 for a 1.57 KD.
@SeattleSurge vs @LVLegion | Major III Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 3

  • The John and Jimbo experiment needs to be over at this point. This is the second time Jimbo has been nearly double negative, with only 51 kills to 99 deaths. I’m not sure if he’s just playing too aggressively or just not fitting in, but he’s not improving this team. John hasn’t been a difference maker either, so it’s really time to change the entire SMG lineup.
  • Again, the positives in this one goes to the AR line, and this time Temp was frying. He finished 98/67 for +31 kills, so if Jimbo just goes even in his stats perhaps they’re more competitive or even win. While I don’t think it’s the case, is Temp padding stats with a bunch of trades? Or is this what I do think it is, a player punching above his weight with a squad that’s not working?
  • I guess I gave Paris too much credit in our Power Rankings in putting them at 9. This is the ceiling for this squad – beating someone they shouldn’t every once in a while and then going back to sitting at the bottom.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Minnesota Rokkr

Actual: 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr

  • And that’s more like it. One match after they blew away London and made us all think that Pro-Am run to the Grand Finals was real, the Thieves got decimated, and on maps we thought they’d be better on. You can try and make excuses on how they were at least competitive in the respawns, but they didn’t take a single map. That shouldn’t be happening if you look at yourself as a top 4/6 team.
  • We keep going back to that last match for comparisons, but my takeaway piece was titled “The dark prince rises”, alluding to how much better Envoy had played. He was deleted in this one, -15 kills, and even if that line occured completely in the opening Gavutu Hardpoint, he’s got to show up in the S&D and Control. At least he gave us one of the most incredible S&D aces this season to clip right?
  • Although he dropped the ball, his teammate was worse. Kenny has been so inconsistent in general, and he was 49/70, -21 kills, and the least amount of damage in the lobby. If you’re going to make a role switch to shake things up, you can’t go losing to Minnesota of all teams.
@LAThieves vs @ROKKRMN | Major III Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 3

  • That’s not my trying to badmouth the Rokkr, but we haven’t seen them playing like this in a while. The change to Havok from Majormaniak was to add speed to this team, because the team felt his slower pace was holding them back. Apparently they just needed a little time to bake, because they’ve been looking good so far.  
  • Attach is very obviously starting to feel it at the flex. This is another example of an “older” player changing over to the AR and benefiting from it. Another one of the highlights of that Search and Destroy was Drazah shooting at him at plat, Attach turning and burning Envoy, and then somehow running into command, turning again and trashing Drazah. It didn’t make sense, but one of the most crafty players in the league got away with murder, to the tune of 10/3.
  • You’ve now beaten both LA teams, now you’ve got Toronto, Florida, and Atlanta on the docket. If Minnesota can keep up the pace and get Priestahh more and more comfortable at Main AR, there’s every chance they could get through the Major III qualifiers 4-1. Anything less than 3-2 after the 2-0 start will be a disappointment.

New York Subliners vs Boston Breach

Actual: 3-1 New York Subliners

  • Good on New York for winning both Hardpoints which helped them in taking home the win. Sure, they’ve been much better than that stupidly brutal start of like 0-13, but I’ve seen Boston grab both Hardpoints multiple times to send things to a Game 5. It’s an important mode to be good at, and the numbers show New York continuing to improve at it.
  • This was a great bounce back after the Faze match. New York lost full after Atlanta came back from the 4-1 Bocage S&D deficit, and the Subliners almost did the same thing to Boston. You won’t win them all, but not allowing breakdowns to break you is critical to getting Ws. That and Paul looking flipping unkillable.
  • There’s not a lot to say here, just that New York looked fantastic. I’ve watched them win a bunch of matches due to outplaying rather than outslaying, but this time New York had the gunny. They outslayed Boston by 32 kills, with their best coming in the Gavutu Control and Berlin Hardpoint.
@NYSubliners vs @BOSBreach | Major III Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 3

  • I think this might have been the first match in awhile where we saw Methodz go negative. He was 70/81 and -11 kills with a .86 KD, and the lowest damage for his team. He needs to be impacting the map for Boston to win.
  • He had some good plays in the Search and Destroy, including burning three New York players from plat, but Nero’s underperformance in the final two maps really hurt the Breach. He was 42/64 on them, with a .66 KD. That wasn’t the 66 Boston ordered.
  • I’m sure they’ve worked at it, but man is this squad struggling in Control. Including the Kickoff Classic, they’re 9-15, with their only good map being Tuscan at 6-4, meaning they’re 3-11 everywhere else. With a third map in their that allows vetos to happen for both teams, all the opponent has to do is take Tuscan off the board and Boston is sunk. They’ve got to at least make Berlin work, or they’ll be stuck losing the swing map most of the time.

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