Call Of Duty League 2022 Major III/Week 1/Day 2 takeaways — Optic dominates, Rokkr makes a run

Well, day 2 of matches went by super slow and then relatively quickly. We started everything with 3-2, competitive matches, and then the last two matches were blowouts, and arguably both were unexpected. Will we see something similar tomorrow? No one knows, but you have to think we will start to see teams separating themselves from the rest of the pack as the Major III qualifiers continue.

Paris Legion vs London Royal Ravens

Actual: 3-2 London Royal Ravens

  • PARIS. So close but yet so far. Winning both of the Hardpoints was a good thing to see, but a horrendous showing in Search and Destroy sent them home. What’s odd is we’ve seen the Legion perform in S&D and drop everything else. It’s weird when teams suddenly look awful in their best modes (looking at you Faze).
  • At least GRVTY continues to keep his momentum rolling from the Pro-Am. While no one looked great in the S&D’s, GRVTY had some great moments in the respawns. He finished 80/70 with +10 kills and a 1.14 KD.
  • John and Jimbo have to get things going quickly as an SMG unit, because they’re holding this squad back. They combined for a .87 KD, and -21 kills. That won’t cut it, especially considering the Royal Ravens have been struggling as of late.
@LVLegion vs @royalravens | Major III Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 2

  • Looks like I’ll have to move London up in the Power Rankings. They finally had a good showing, and even if it is just Paris, Paris was looking on the up and up. Good on the Royal Ravens to have a bounce back game.
  • If they want to move further though, the Hardpoints will have to get better. After being one of the best breaking teams in the game, they let Paris drop them in both Hardpoints. Yeah, it was close, but that still amounts to no cigar. Nastie specifically had abysmal ones, going 35/50 for a .70 KD.
  • That being said, a victory is a victory, and we’ve seen plenty of 2,3,5s. That just can’t be the norm, so London has to look to rebound vs Boston Breach. On paper Boston may have the upper hand for once, even if they lost the only match they played against them 3-1.

Seattle Surge vs Toronto Ultra

Actual: 3-2 Toronto Ultra

  • You have to feel for Seattle in this one. They had literally all the momentum in this one, taking Toronto’s lunch money in the Control to take the 2-1 lead. But I knew the second Toronto clutched that Tuscan Hardpoint with second to spare, all of Seattle’s mojo was gone. It’s back to the drawing board, although they were at least competitive in this one.
  • One thing’s for certain, you won’t win many Hardpoints with Mack going 8/31. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a stat line like that, and it honestly doesn’t make sense. Even worse, he only had 10 assists and only 1611 damage. It’s like he spawned and died instantly, and I think we’ve all been there at least once.
  • A positive thing for Seattle to take away from this one is Pred’s performance on the Berlin Control. The guy was frying and nearly double positive, sporting a ridiculous 37/19. He ended the series with +8 kills and the most damage in the lobby, although he was on the unfortunate end of Insights mega-clutch to send them home 0-6 in the final S&D.
@SeattleSurge vs @TorontoUltra | Major III Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 2

  • You can’t say Toronto looks as dominant as they did last season, but they’re looking a lot better than they did a few weeks ago. With their backs up against the wall Ultra responded with not just a thrilling Tuscan Hardpoint, but a commanding Tuscan S&D they won 6-0.
  • That S&D was a bloodbath. Seattle was almost always in a 1v2, forced to try and clutch up. Even when they were ahead by the numbers, nothing worked. The cherry on top for Toronto was Insight proving time after time he is the king of clutch, taking the final round in one of the most insane rounds you’ll see.
  • He had some decent plays on the map, but CleanX was getting burned all match long. He only dropped 69 kills versus 94 deaths for a .73 KD, truly a rough performance from him. The worst part was the Control, where he fell victim to Pred’s rampage to the tune of 18/32.

Optic Texas vs Florida Mutineers

Actual: 3-0 Optic Texas

  • Honestly, Optic are looking great, and they’re 6-0 with a substitute, even if he is playing as well as a pro. It seems like all the bad juju Optic has been dealing with the last few years has dissipated, replaced with the good fortune they’ve been missing.
  • Speaking of Prolute, his S&D was incredible. He showed a lot of patience, letting the plays come to him rather than feeling the pressure and reacting to it. He was 12/3, a fantastic number for someone playing only their second game on the roster.
  • There’s not much more to say beyond Optic seems to be the team to beat right now. Faze will always be their nemesis, but there’s every chance they jump to 5-0 in their match next week. If their confidence wasn’t already high beating them with General, it can only go up if they beat them with Prolute.
@OpTicTexas vs @MiamiHeretics | Major III Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 2

  • That was a horrendous showing by a team that had Optics number this season, at least by Optics standards. This is a “throw it out and forget about it” kind of game, one it’s better to forget than learn from.
  • Say it with me again for the umpteenth time, “As Skyz goes, so do the Mutineers”. He was just not on his game today, only putting up 42 kills and getting shredded 56 times. He was on the point getting time for Florida on Tuscan, so that explains the low engagements, but he just didn’t impact anything the way he can.
  • While Skyz had low engagements, Vivid had too many, and in a bad way. He only got one more kill than Skyz but died 8 more times, and he seemed to be getting melted by Shotzzy and crew the whole time. He’s another guy that makes the Mutineers motor go, so watching him be held in check didn’t help Florida at all

Minnesota Rokkr vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Actual: 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr

  • I’d love to say them sitting at the bottom of my power rankings gave them motivation, but in all seriousness they just played well. It’s been a while since we watched Minnesota look, well, good. It wasn’t just that, they made LAG look baddddddd.
  • Havok and Attach were piecing today. They combined for 131 kills and only 86 deaths, with a 1.52 KD to boot. If Minnesota is going to keep improving, they’re the ones that need to produce.
  • It was better, but Priestahh still isn’t getting it done. The Hardpoint was particularly atrocious, 12/20. You aren’t going to have many engagements on Gavutu, but as a main AR it should be his playground.
@ROKKRMN vs @LAGuerrillas | Major III Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 2

  • Things keep getting worse and worse for the Guerrillas. This squad just went 0-3 back to back, and there’s a big difference in Optic doing that to you on a bad day and Rokkr following it up. Getting rocked by a team that hasn’t shown much improvement at the Pro-Am is poor form.
  • And when I say poor form, it’s poor form from everyone. What’s really odd is how the ARs got handled, with Spart and SlasheR looking awful. They finished the match 83/118 combined, with a .70 KD between them.
  • This team looks completely lost, and the Major II win is looking more and more like a one off the further along we get. Florida is up next week, but if you can’t beat arguably the worst team in the league, I don’t know that you’ll beat an angry Mutineers squad coming off an Optic beatdown.

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