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A day after we watched as the Guerrillas had to pull in their substitute last minute, the reigning champions lost their MVP to illness before their big rematch. Methinks Hecz is lacing the Pine Park. Just kidding, it stinks to watch but the show must go on. Here’s our takeaways from the final matches heading into Major II.


London Royal Ravens vs Boston Breach

  • With only one loss on the record to Faze, London showed up and made sure they weren’t going to drop down the bracket if they had anything to say about it. Boston took a map but London was largely in Control, slaying the crap out of Breach and sending them to the second seed.
  • Afro felt like he was everywhere today. If a Boston player turned around he was in their face, blasting them into oblivion and picking up the Automaton to do even more damage. His constant multikills and 1.30 KD is a large reason they pulled off the W.
  • Boston certainly shows up on the Gavutu Control, but you have to wonder if the Royal Ravens might be a team affected by the change from kills to ticks determining the round 5 defense. It changes the way you have to play Control, and London got put in the blender on a map they’re pretty good at.
@royalravens vs Boston Breach | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 3

  • For Boston, this sucked, but they were dealing with the bug. Nero posted he had been throwing up before the match, and just didn’t feel right. All the best to him heading into the Major, just sucks they couldn’t capitalize more on the pole position they were in.
  • Methodz is continuing to play at a top AR level, and if he can do it on LAN we’ll see a lot more of Boston at this event. Even with the rest of his squad faltering he put up +29 kills and a 1.44 KD, including +18 to drag them to the Control win.
  • The focus is on Nero’s illness, but Capsidal was not good at all in the Hardpoints. He was only 11/26 on the opening Gavutu, and followed that up with a 21/34 Berlin. He can play better, but often you see this happening on the bigger maps to MP-40 players who are going a bit too fast for their own good.

Atlanta Faze vs Optic Texas

  • Just being honest, I was thinking 3-0 Optic as soon as I saw that Simp was out. Prestinni is a fantastic player and incredibly talented, but he got the call 20 minutes beforehand, coming in from the gym, with no practice and no warmup going up against the best team right now in the league. Thems the ropes, and he played well, but the gunny isn’t the only thing that makes a team win.
  • To specifically call out a defining play, the round 11 in the Tuscan Search and Destroy. Prestinni got picked relatively quickly, and that opened up the flank. There was a bit of timing and chemistry missing, because I think if Simp is there he’s not getting picked and he’s at least getting a 1v1 with Shotzzy defending the flank. Those kind of plays come about through teamwork, and that was missing a bit with Atlanta.
  • That being said, they played it tough and it wasn’t an easy 3-0. They made Optic work for it, which is all you can ask for when your MVP is out. Surprisingly though, Arcitys had a really rough one, with -17 kills and a .68 KD.
​ @AtlantaFaZe vs @OpTicTexas | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 3

  • Talk about getting two freebies for the 5-0 stage heading into the first seed at Major II. Optic watched Gunless and Simp both go out, so 3-0s abounded. They also keep their eyes on two records, tying the most Control wins streak and sitting two match wins away from the longest win streak, held by Atlanta Faze.
  • It actually looked a little bit concerning on the opening Gavutu, but Scump decided to go Super Saiyan on Faze. He was 27/16 on the map, and grabbed a bunch of time on the hills to give them the opening victory. He also started the Control like a demon, picking up streaks and giving them the offensive win needed to make it harder on Faze.
  • It’ll be interesting to see what this squad looks like going into the Major. I still expect them to crush Seattle, but they’ve admittedly had a week with several spawn changes and the swap to ticks where it was easy facing substitutes. Does this give any false confidence leading to mistakes? It’ll be up to Rambo and Sender to keep them locked in and wanting to prove Major I wasn’t a one and done.

New York Subliners vs Toronto Ultra

  • What a flipping change out of this New York team. They were dead in the water, we all called it, and suddenly you move Clayster out and PaulEhx in and they start winning? Not only that, they jumped from a battle for the bottom to the fourth seed. The confidence they have right now makes them dangerous, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in their first round match versus Faze.
  • Neptune is playing out of his mind, so you have to wonder what was going on to hold him back. He was 99/87, +12 kills, and a 1.14 KD. It wasn’t just that he was positive though, his kills and sprees were incredibly impactful. This is the player we thought we would see teaming with Hydra at the start of the year.
  • Looking over them, it’s about roles man. A lot of these guys were miscast (including Clay, I don’t think he’s washed, just in the wrong system and role). They also made this switch at a good time, because they were able to gain momentum and confidence playing against Paris, Minnesota, and a reeling Toronto. They have plenty to prove at Major II, but this team could go pretty far.
@NYSubliners vs @TorontoUltra | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 3

  • Yikes. That’s about all I can think to say. This Toronto team just seems lost. We’re at the point where the comms are concerning, with the previous calm they always had feeling grounded as opposed to tuned out. I don’t ever like to say you need to make a change, but it might be time, although I’m not sure Hicksy is the answer and I couldn’t really tell you who to switch out.
  • One thing’s for sure, this heralded SMG duo of Ultras got shredded by their counterparts on New York. Bance and CleanX finished a combined 150/191, for a garishly bad .79 KD. They kept getting owned on the map, and even when they found some ground it would get snatched away in seemingly an instant.
  • It’s at least good to see Cammy finding a bit of footing. He finished with a 1.02 KD, and his 39/27 Control kept Toronto in the mix until the final round. If there are any changes, I don’t see it being him or Insight, and they have to step up accordingly to reward that confidence.

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