Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 3/Day 2 takeaways — Green gang ftw

“There were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident”. If you remember those words from Brick Tamland of Anchorman, you know how funny it is, but maybe you don’t know why I’m saying said quote. Well, a man did get killed with a trident today, possibly 100 of them. I hope you get where I’m going, otherwise I’m just rambling in this intro paragraph. Whatever, just read the takeaways below and report for duty tomorrow soldier.

Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Thieves

  • For how close the opening Tuscan Hardpoint was, the rest of the game was easy. If you get rid of that one, Seattle dominated this matchup, throttling LAT 6-2 on the Tuscan Search and Destroy, 3-0 on the Tuscan Control, and finishing it out with a 250-152 Berlin Hardpoint that never seemed in reach.
  • The whole team went positive, but for that to happen you need the rookies to be frying. That certainly happened, with nearly identical stat lines from Sib and Pred. It wasn’t just the slaying, it was the impactful plays we continued to see throughout the maps they won.
  • Accuracy keeps adding to his icy resume, and while you might point to the 1v3 from Sib to be the turning point, Accuracy’s 1v3 took all the wind out of the Thieves sails. He killed Drazah off it, and ran towards ladder. Instead of going up he backtracked, getting to the bomb which was awkwardly planted away from LAT’s eyes and he was able to perfectly crouch down out of sight for the ninja defuse.
​@SeattleSurge vs @LAThieves | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • This was just bad. There’s no way to sugar coat it, because an 0-5 qualifying stage leaves this team with the 12th and last spot at Major II. That’s even worse than Paris and New York, and with the aspirations of this team that shouldn’t have happened.
  • The one map win they got was largely due to incredible plays from Envoy. He can be a little streaky, but his Tuscan Hardpoints have been a thing of beauty. He understands the map and routes so well, and the final rotation to P1 sealed it for them.
  • It’s almost a joke at this point how bad this group is at S&D, but this was a truly abysmal performance. They had man advantage multiple times and still let it slip away. These weren’t just 50/50 plays either, they were trashed in these moments. It’s never easy to say, but maybe it’s time to change up the roster.

Boston Breach vs Florida Mutineers

  • Boston is zoned in during this stage of qualifiers. After we got to the midway mark of the Gavutu Hardpoint, they turned on the jets, because they absolutely blasted Florida the rest of the way, 3-0.
  • While the Search and Destroy and Control were technically close, it never really felt like it, especially considering the how much they outslayed Florida by (228 to 182). A far cry from the 3-2 win in Major I where they were outslayed by 50+.
  • Methodz has hit another gear. He was 64/37, +27 kills, and all for a ridiculous 1.73 KD. Maybe it’s the Zinnixcat that’s got him thriving at life, but who cares, it’s nice to see Chef Zinni cooking again.
Boston Breach vs @MiamiHeretics | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • Well, there’s the Florida we’re used to seeing. I really hate going there, I love the Mutineers, but after such a great start, 2-0 in the qualifiers and 6-0 in maps count, they’ve been bludgeoned, 2-3 with a 7-9 map count. If they’d stop getting my hopes up, that’d be great.
  • Everyone had a tough day, but Vivid followed up his ugly match against Atlanta with another stinker today. He was 39/65 with -26 kills and a .60 KD. For someone we’ve seen drop 47 kills in a SINGLE BOCAGE HARDPOINT, this is sad. Here’s to Reece finding form again.
  • Similar to yesterday’s match versus Faze in Control, I’m surprised to see them struggled again versus Boston, who is one of the worst in the mode. 

Optic Texas vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • You can say Optic got a freebie here with the Guerrillas having to field a substitute, but we can’t take away from the team playing so well today. They vanquished some demons on Desert Siege, pulled off the round 5 Control, and overall just had a good day.
  • The ARs weren’t on today, which was kind of odd, but it matters less when your SMG duo is beating the way Scump and Shotzzy were. They combined for 135/100 and a 1.35 KD, which was pretty impressive on the long range maps we saw played today.
  • This was a good match, but it doesn’t prove as much as tomorrow will. Atlanta is the only other team we can point to as a real threat to the current crown, and Optic won’t be able to make any mistakes with Faze coming in with a chip on their shoulder and a win streak record to preserve. 
@OpTicTexas vs @LAGuerrillas | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • Poor Guerrillas. After some great wins they were able to pick up recently one would think that momentum could help them be ultra competitive in this one. But Gunless unfortunately came down with something and suddenly Spart was thrust into the spotlight with two hours notice. Tough break.
  • You have to think that S&D would have been a lot closer if not for their missing player. There was a moment where Shotzzy leaked through top Uni/Palace and killed two, hopped down, and grabbed a third. Maybe they don’t close out the Desert Siege, but the breakdown moments were apparent in this one.
  • Slasher made an absurd comment on being a tier F AR after the match on Twitter, yet he was the best player on the day. He was 62/51 for +11 kills and a 1.22 KD. He collected a lot of that in the Control, and was a big reason they brought it to a round 5 before the loss.

New York Subliners vs Minnesota Rokkr

  • What do you know, New York does have some killer instinct in them. Minnesota grabbed the Control by the horns, and the stage seemed set for New York to crumble under a third in a row reverse sweep by the Rokkr. New York instead closed them out on the Berlin Hardpoint, proving this team may be further ahead than we might think.
  • Watching Neptune’s confidence in particular during this series is already showing the dividends it has paid by letting him play his game. He’s more active around the map, and that’s leading to the victories they’re starting to get.
  • Don’t look now, but this team is suddenly in the hunt for a winner’s bracket spot. At 2-2 all they have to do is beat Toronto. If they lose, they just need to do it in a 3-2 fashion, and they’re still in. Being competitive takes you places, and that’s finally coming about in New York.
Call of Duty League 2022 Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

  • Minnesota might not be to New York levels of bad in the Hardpoint, but they’re getting there. Losing these two drops them to 2-7 in the qualifiers, an absolutely horrid number. The Bocage was the most winnable of them all, but in all fairness if New York would have just stayed on the point they probably close it out anyway.
  • A bit more shocking was watching them get blown away in the Bocage S&D. Rokkr lost this one 6-2, and it felt over long before it was over. Standy was the only one who seemed to be able to get trades, finishing 7/7 on the scoreboard. For a team that knocked off the Thieves in convincing fashion on this map just a week ago, it was a problem for them today.
  • This was a needed win they missed out on. If they win they’d be sitting at 3-2, with Seattle, Florida, and New York looking up at them. Instead this clinches the losers bracket for them, which isn’t what they wanted at all heading into their home Major tournament.

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