Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 3/Day 1 takeaways — “As Skyz goes, so do the Mutineers”

Wow, and we thought changing to ticks from kills in Control was crazy. The first few matches of the final week of qualifiers for Major II were insane, and we watched all the Call Of Duty League games to tell you all about them. Upsets, insane multi-kills, and more live below!

Paris Legion vs Toronto Ultra

  • A WIN!!! They finally grabbed their first online match, and the only map they really looked outmatched on was the Control. This squad probably won’t pull off any flawless runs from here, but it’s so great to see them take one. Again, while many aren’t as fond of Vanguard, you can’t deny the parity we’re seeing in the CDL.
  • Could we get any closer on Hardpoint? This was a battle between two teams struggling, but Paris fought hard to keep themselves in it. Nothing says that more than the 250-248 win on Tuscan, where they played everything right to break one of the toughest hills in the game, P3 fountain. Sure, the spawn on Roof helped, but considering we see full holds over there it was an incredible effort.
  • Jimbo really upped his game after some tough losses, in which he could be looked at in a negative light. All positives with this one, with him influencing the map, getting big kills, and more importantly watching him consistently get first bloods on Toronto in that final Bocage Search and Destroy and getting away with his life. He finished this one up with a 1.04 KD, and an impressive 10/5 in that S&D.
@LVLegion vs @TorontoUltra | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 1

  • It’s gone from bad to worse for Ultra. They’re dealing with sickness in the camp, which definitely sucks, but if you’re going to play you’ve got to do better. Only Cammy was positive with 1 kill over even, and everyone else was -33. Maybe Hicksy should have been in for someone?
  • The Hardpoint woes continue (2-14 in the last 16), including dealing with the wrath of the COD gods with that Roof spawn that allowed Paris the chance to use brute force on the point. Even so, they were outslayed by quite a bit in both, and Cammy’s 42/29 on Tuscan wasn’t enough to pull them across the finish line.
  • For a team that looked really comfortable on Bocage versus Faze, they certainly couldn’t pull off the same plays with the new A bomb location on Platform. When they played Atlanta it seemed like they had a bunch of sneaky ways to get an influential kill towards that bomb site, but moving it threw them off a bit. Besides that, if you’re constantly getting first blooded without trades, you’re just asking for tough 3v4s all day.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Whats going on in Hardpoint now? The Thieves were the best at it, sporting 20 wins and looking good, and not only have they lost a bunch of them since the loss to Faze at Major I, they dropped two today versus the Guerrillas. If there’s a clear indicator on why they sport an 0-4 stage, looking at their 2-5 Hardpoint record could explain it.
  • For something that went to a Game 5, LAT looked like hot grabage. With Kenny posting a 1.00, the rest of the squad was -72 kills. It was an atrocity, and this one probably should have ended in 3-0 fashion. They rank in the bottom in many S&D categories, and that was on full display today.
  • What’s really funny is how they won the Control despite being outslayed tremendously (+21 kills). Turns out, really crafty teams are going to be good at this mode with the switch over to round 5 defense being determined by objective ticks. The Thieves may have been beaten down, but they managed to hang on the point longer than LAG was.
@LAThieves vs @LAGuerrillas | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 1

  • WASIM. The man was on point and frying today. His whole team was mind you, but the way he turned on the entire Thieves roster on that P1 to flip spawns and set them up for the win on P2 was incredible. He finished with +27 kills and a 1.30 KD.
  • Better team play is certainly a talking point on how this team has turned things around. There were a lot of times it seemed like they weren’t playing together on the map, but as this stage of online qualifiers has progressed, we’ve seen a different Guerrillas unit on the battlefield. Maybe they just needed some time to build that trust and chemistry, maybe some bad habits needed to be ironed out? Whatever it is, they’re on a roll right now and they’ll take the results.
  • Even though every other map felt like it culminated in a final push, the Game 5 never felt in doubt. The Guerrillas dominated, seemingly reading right out of the Thieves playbook. The one round that swung it completely over to LAG was the 2v4 where SlasheR evened the odds with a fantastic 2 piece. Gunless followed it up sniping Drazah off the bomb, and suddenly it was a 1v2 for Octane with no time to plant. This lead to a 4-1 scoreline proved too much for LAT to overcome.

Atlanta Faze vs Florida Mutineers

  • Faze might be the kings of Gavutu now, although it’s a crown I’d hesitate to wear given what happened to the last guys. Their Hardpoints on the map have been dominant, and they’re even setting up the P4 beach spawn trap when they have to break the hill. I love watching a team that understands a map’s intricacies, and Faze know Gav HP pretty well.
  • They’re also still great at Bocage if you forgot. They’ve yet to lose it on Hardpoint, and that’s even more impressive when you consider this one was versus a Florida team that was 5-3 on it. Even better, they won it by grabbing around 30 points on P1, where almost no time gets collected.
  • Cellium stepped it up again today, proving yet again how valuable he is at the flex position. His 1.40 KD and +24 kills led Faze to a 3-1 win, and more importantly he shut down the guy across from him.
@AtlantaFaZe vs @MiamiHeretics | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 1

  • Say it with me again, “As Skyz goes, so do the Mutineers”. He got put in the blender, 56/80 for a .70 KD and -24 kills. Some days are just not your day, and it wasn’t for Mr. Bueno. A moment reflecting his performance was getting stuck in the top of the treehouse on P4 while Faze collected points and shot at him.
  • At least they still got it on Berlin S&D. At the 3-3 mark they kept responding to the pressure Faze was applying, and the final round was a sad 1v4 with Cellium left alone to watch the wave of Florida players close in. Davpadie was especially effective, dropping a 10/5.
  • Given Florida’s proficiency and aggression on Control it’s a bit of a surprise they didn’t manage to be more competitive. It was a 3-1, and Faze’s second offense was a bit close for comfort, with the Mutineers being able to finish it on time running out with only 9 lives to 5. Their final offense looked good, with a five life advantage and some great map position and pressure, but Atlanta steadied, with a bit of help from Arcitys glide bomb. They just couldn’t break through at that point, as close as it kept getting.

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