Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 2/Day 2 takeaways — Negative Ultra

Well dang, quite the show got put on today! The Call Of Duty League was rocking with several storylines, rematches, get right games, questions abounding, and of course, the battle for last place. Nearly every game was fun to watch, unless you’re the losing squad’s fans. Check out what we thought after the dust settled below.

Atlanta Faze vs London Royal Ravens

  • Faze really like that spawn trap on P4 of Gavutu. The Royal Ravens had a chance to get back on the Gavutu Hardpoint on that hill, and at least at the start it was looking good. But with only 25 seconds into it Faze broke through, and suddenly the map was more or less over.
  • Well, they’re still undefeated on Bocage. Atlanta seems to have a perfect feel for that map, and it may just play to their strengths of controlled aggression. The 6-2 S&D wasn’t ever in doubt, and Simp’s 11/3 looked clean and easy.
  • I’m absolutely stumped by Faze on Gavutu Control. They generally figure things out pretty quickly, but they get obliterated on this combination of map and mode. I couldn’t tell you what needs to change, and that’s because they’re trying everything and nothing works. Time to pull out four MP-40s boys.
​@AtlantaFaZe vs @royalravens | Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • After reverse sweeping Paris it kind of felt like London might do the same thing here, but going up against a top 2 team is different from last place. Faze dominated them, and Afro’s -14 kills underscored a sour performance.
  • What was really surprising was seeing London get taken apart on Bocage. They’ve had good results in Search and Destroy here; they were 2-0, but Atlanta was constantly in their faces and making them pay for any misstep. The entire squad went negative in this one, which is never a recipe for success in S&D.
  • I’ll be honest, I thought they should have pulled off the Tuscan Hardpoint. For once it felt like London was out-rotating a team, which is something we usually don’t see from Faze, a top holding team in the league. But Atlanta isn’t bad at breaking points either, and even when London got set up it felt like Faze would get under their skin; if Atlanta couldn’t get the points, they made sure the Royal Ravens didn’t. Missing out on that time cost them the map.

New York Subliners vs the Paris Legion

  • They won a Hardpoint! It took playing the bottom team in the league, so let’s not get too excited, and double 40 bombs from Crimsix and Hydra, but it happened. There certainly seemed to be a better energy around the team during this one, so maybe things are on the up and up.
  • HAIL HYDRA. Those snipes he had in that 4th round were incredible. The team was in a 2v4, and the bomb was planted. Crimsix got one, Hydra caught Jimbo defusing and GRVTY jumping down from back train, and Temp was stuck in the middle as Hyrda finished it up with the pistol.
  • Apparently PaulEhx was what the doctor ordered for the Hardpoint woes. He was +5 kills between the two maps, and more importantly it felt like the team around him was better playing the right roles.
@NYSubliners vs @LVLegion | Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • After two straight games where Paris looked ultra competitive, you would think they’d show up in a match versus a team that’s been in shambles. Crazy enough, while they kept the Bocage mixy, the S&D was a flop, with Paris going down in a Desert Siege that wasn’t ever close.
  • Temp had an incredible Control on Tuscan, and Legion snapped a 7 game losing streak in the mode. He was 29/15, but that wasn’t as impactful as his 25 non-traded kills, meaning he was only taken out within 5 seconds of a kill 4 times in the entire map. It’s insane, but a huge reason they clutched it up 3-1, including 2 offensive wins.
  • That final Hardpoint was brutal, especially versus a team that hadn’t won a Hardpoint. Even worse was getting 100 point clubbed on Berlin. For how close Bocage was, this one was a stomping.

Florida Mutineers vs Optic Texas

  • I thought the Mutineers might have put up a tougher fight. Sure, the Hardpoint and the Control were close, but after a hot start to the Major II qualifiers Florida cooled off in this one, with Optic taking them down 3-0. I’m still kind of confused at how they blew that last round of Control…
  • For being positive, Skyz wasn’t very impactful in this one. He was 58/57 for a 1.02 KD, and even more telling was only 6732 damage. Sure, his counterpart in Illey wasn’t even as good, but that’s alright when the rest of the team is frying.
  • The rest of the team was not great either. Vivid and Davpadie had it rough, with -31 kills between them. For Davpadie it was especially disappointing, given he’d really come on in the last few matches.
@MiamiHeretics vs @OpTicTexas | Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • Optic Texas is the best team in the league right now until someone takes them down. They’re just operating on another level, and even when they show cracks they’re clutching up in key moments. There might not have been many of those moments in this match, but Dashy and Shotzzy got some great multi-kills in the last moments of the Control to bring home the sweep.
  • I’ll be very interested in seeing how the switch from kills to ticks affects Optic in Control. I doubt it changes things a lot, they’re the best Control team in the game, but watching them immediately turtle up (which you see most teams do) once they couldn’t get the B capture makes for a boring round.
  • Dashy was on one again. The man dropped a 1.45 KD and had a bunch of impactful plays that swung the momentum in Optic’s favor. In the Control he was unkillable, with 25 of his 30 kills non-traded.

Boston Breach vs Toronto Ultra

  • I got this one right, nice! Boston is a team the rest of the league should be scared of. Taking out Toronto in my mind cements them in the top 6, if not top 4, teams in the league. They’re playing lights out, and the only teams that can top them are Optic, Faze, and possibly London.
  • The only qualm I have with this team is their inability to win in Control. They’ve just been flat out bad as of recent, and with Toronto’s issues everywhere else it’s surprising to see them still drop that one. It went the distance, but the Ultra were firmly in control in that last round.
  • Nero is a hero, and Methodz is playing lights out. Both of them turned it up a notch, with Nero dropping 51/38 in an absolutely mixy Bocage that was only a 3 point difference. All credit to Boston, they were down nearly 100 and had to play perfect HP, which they did. That wasn’t necessary in the second Hardpoint, as Boston got halfway to victory through THREE hills (125) without Toronto getting a point.
Call of Duty League 2022 Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • All I can do is scratch my head with Toronto. It feels like every time they get a hold of momentum, the rug gets pulled out from under them. It looked like they had the win in hand after grabbing the Control, but any progress they had was stomped in the beating they took on Gavutu. I firmly believe that extended into the S&D.
  • Somebody needs to check on Cammy man. He just doesn’t seem right. He was -19 kills for a .81 KD, and even when the rest of his team looks good he doesn’t (i.e. Gavutu Control). I don’t know if the game just doesn’t work for him, but something needs to change, a good flex takes you far in Vanguard, and he should be a superstar one.
  • I’m not sold on this team right now going into their next game with Faze, let alone Major II. They just can’t seem to figure themselves out right now, and I could easily see them being 3-0ed again.

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