Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 1/Day 2 takeaways — Faze down

With four more matches under our belts, Major II’s qualifiers are well under way in the Call Of Duty League. Today brought largely what we assumed it would, but there was one big upset that left one team questioning it’s process, and the other breathing a sigh of relief. Check out who’s who, and our thoughts on what happened, below.

Paris Legion vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Paris was in the Search and Destroy on Desert Siege, but only because of some extremely scrappy play. One things for sure, it wasn’t because of coordinated efforts, because they were constantly ending up in 3v4 situations, and you don’t win S&D’s a majority of the time without a man advantage.
  • It almost felt like no one wanted to win that Control. It was back and forth until the final round, where LAG grabbed the defense. One thing that looked good was Jimbo, the new face. He may not have had a great statline, but his aggressiveness looks like it’ll help steer Legion to a win sooner rather than later. It’ll just take working together as a team to turn more of those engagements into non-traded kills.
  • Back to the S&D, it’s probably time to abandon the “John on the sniper” experiment. He was getting picked and missing plenty of shots as well. Time to come up with some new strats.
@LVLegion vs @LAGuerrillas | Major II Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 2

  • Asim sat up on top of P5, and Los Angeles did what mattered the entire game, getting to the hill first. If you made the rotation and got set up, you were nearly impossible to move. LAG made the right plays, and it never hurts when Asim and SlasheR are frying.
  • That was a really tense match of Search and Destroy. There were so many teams in great positions that were lost due to sloppy play, especially with two separate ninja defuses. SlasheR’s 9/3 certainly helped turn the tide, with his range being very effective on Desert Siege.
  • It was a great win, but not a mistake-free one. The opening Hardpoint was, for sure, but the S&D felt closer than it was, and they should have run away with the Control. But, a win is a win, and you can’t discount a 3-0.

London Royal Ravens vs Los Angeles Thieves

  • Things got Nastie on the Gavutu Hardpoint. He may be the most important player in Gismos absence, and he delivered versus the Thieves on the map that’s become a meme for them. Nastie dropped a 32/20, and that was enough to keep his rival in Envoy from taking map 1.
  • London finally got their win on Berlin, and while Nastie was brilliant, it was Gismos replacement that helped make it all happen. PaulEhx was 11/5, 8/2 from round 5 on, and he was instrumental in the map win.
  • That Gavutu Control defense, from both sides, was amazing. It was the fourth round before someone got an A capture, and this squad really stepped it up in the clutch. You don’t always see this kind of stellar play out of great rosters versus other top teams, especially on their opponents best map. London did it twice, and they did it with a substitute.

  • Guess you can chall them on Gavutu. They weren’t awful, but that’s the second time we’ve watched them get spawn trapped on this map. They’re still really good at the map, but they’ve got to find others they’re good at, because teams are reading them on it.
  • Los Angeles seemed like they constantly got punched in the mouth and had to pull rounds out of their butts in S&D. They didn’t respond well to the pressure the Royal Ravens were able to apply, and it cost them.
  • For a team usually this good on Gavutu, they have to be pretty frustrated after that Control. They didn’t even capture A until their 5th round, and every time it looked like they got the break, one of the Royal Ravens would pop a multi-kills and send them back to spawn. You shouldn’t lose in those moments, especially when London is missing one of their best, and not in 3-0 fashion.

Minnesota Rokkr vs Toronto Ultra

  • If you forgot about it, the Minnesota Rokkr are very good at Search and Destroy. They went up 5-0 early, and even though Ultra made it scary with a 5 round comeback to force the round 11, they closed it out. It was largely the Standy and Attach show, 12/8 and 10/8 respectively.
  • Besides S&D though, they aren’t great anywhere else. They lost two Hardpoints to a team that literally didn’t win a Hardpoint at the Major. You can’t compete if you drop what should be at least one map win.
  • The role switch may have worked with Attach and Priestahh, but I’m not sure if it really brought any better results for the squad. Attach was positive, which he was during the Major, and Priestahh was at least better than the -16 he was versus LAT. But you’d like to see Priestahh running positive, not -3 kills.
@TorontoUltra vs @ROKKRMN | Major II Qualifiers Week 1 | Day 2

  • Toronto knows how to win a Hardpoint! It wasn’t clean by any means, but after the halfway mark Ultra started pulling things together. Interestingly enough, CleanX was slaying, even with an SMG on Gavutu. His break and spree on the P4 gave Ultra a lead they never relinquished. They even followed it up with a dominant 250-151 Tuscan Hardpoint to take home the W.
  • And that’s why you don’t quit down 5-0! Ultra kept fighting, and rallied to an improbable round 11. They may have lost the final round, but in all fairness they shouldn’t have even gotten there. Insight and Cammy making huge plays in the middle round at least gave them a chance.
  • Insight in particular had a really good game, and he needed one after underperforming in the Major I qualifiers. He was 72/56 for +16 kills and a 1.29 KD.

Atlanta Faze vs Seattle Surge

  • This is not what Faze had to be thinking here, especially seeing as they picked two of their preferred maps in the Bocage Hardpoint and Tuscan S&D. They tend to veto Berlin Hardpoint, so you have to think it was an intentional one they let through, but it came back to bite them in this one.
  • Everyone but Cellium needs to be looking back at this one, and even he needs to be included on why they were so ineffective on the Berlin S&D. I’ve said it many times, but this team just doesn’t look comfortable in this game. That combined with a higher parity in the league and Faze just generally not having a lot of fun, and we may see a few more Major wins land outside Atlanta.
  • You have to think they can’t be thrilled with letting that Tuscan S&D get away in round 11. What could have been a 3-0 win turned into a 2-3 loss.

  • Well, not the bounceback game we expected in the slightest! Surge had lost their last 5, including a bad loss to Boston yesterday. They ball bounced their way this time in a tight series, and this could be a season altering one at that.
  • People forget how Mack transformed the Subliners after being added during the Modern Warfare 2019 season. He was a star, and Vanguard is certainly treating him better (considering it’s built off that MW engine). Mack had a 1.20 KD, which is always good to see if you go up against Faze.
  • Sib picked a good day to have one of his better Search and Destroy maps. He was a catalyst to the 6-2 win on Berlin, going 9/4 and putting in over 1k in damage.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our takeaways as Major II qualifiers continue, and we’ll do our best to bring you content here and on our YouTube channel! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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