You Won’t Finish Final Fantasy VII Rebirth With This Many Minigames

Naoki Hamaguchi wasn’t kidding when he said Final Fantasy VII Rebirth would be stuffed to the brim with Gold Saucer level minigames. Well the full game is almost upon us and we will finally get to set foot inside the Gold Saucer itself, where endless entertainment awaits us in the form of minigames! Let’s take a look at all the content you can expect:

Queen’s Blood

Hands down the meatiest of all the minigames introduced in Rebirth. Queen’s Blood is a full fledged trading card game that contains a considerable amount of depth and strategy. The basic gist of the game has you placing cards down in lanes to overpower your opponent’s cards. Your goal is to dominate each lane on the board before your opponents can and come out with the highest score in the end. Look at our guide for a deeper dive on Queen’s Blood.


Another side mission mini-game, this one appears at the training gym outside of Costa Del Sol after a side mission. There’s a member here that is inspired by all Tifa has done, and what better way to prove how much you’ve improved yourself than beating your hero? This works similar to the gym mini-game in Wall Market from Remake: tap the corresponding trigger buttons in rhythm and without pressing one incorrectly before time runs out. Also, do better than your opponent. Oh, and the HUD showing what you’re doing disappears eventually. Easy right?

Piano Performance

Similar to playing the guitar from The Last of Us Part II, the Piano Performance minigame has Cloud and his party collecting sheet music to play on the piano. This minigame requires you to tilt both analog sticks on the DualSense controller to the beat of the melody in order to time notes and accompanying chords correctly. Should you achieve an A rank in a performance, you can speak to Dorian for a special reward for each A-ranked song. What’s incredible is that you’re not limited to just playing the sheet music as you can recreate virtually any song with the piano!

Fort Condor

You may remember Fort Condor from FFVII Remake, and it shows up in Rebirth… kind of. Fort Condor maintains its tower defense style, but the visuals have changed, becoming a cutesy poly theme. This board game is a lot of fun to engage with, watching your ATB gauge fill and placing auto-attacking soldiers of vanguard, ranged, or defensive variety on the battlefield to take out the opposing Shinra units. You’ll also have two of Cloud, Tifa, or Barret to bring in as hero units, just use them carefully as they only spawn once! Unfortunately this game only shows up during the Junon proto-relic mission, but there are four battles to enjoy, along with a hard mode version of each.


Somewhat a smaller slice of the mini-games pie, Jumpfrog is available as a one-off in Under Junon you find during a side mission. It’s easy, survive on a circular platform, jumping over two clocklike arms that are spinning around. Make sure you pay attention to more than the arms, as the platform sections will eventually give way. Did I mention you’ve also turned into a frog? That seems important.

3D Brawler

This fighting minigame reverts Cloud and his opponents back to the blocky chibi version of the original Final Fantasy VII in a 1v1 duel. The focus is on directional dodging left, right, up, and down from enemy punches while you build up an ATB bar of your own. You can only land jabs when an enemy has dropped their guard otherwise your attack will miss. Once your ATB is filled, you can land a Limit attack finisher to end the battle in victory.

Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing makes a triumphant return from the original Final Fantasy VII, this time more fleshed out and awesome. Think of it as Mario Kart but with cute and cuddly chocobos instead! Each chocobo is unique and possesses a suite of various stats that affect its performance on the track. Speed and acceleration make them faster while weight makes them harder to knock down. Cornering helps them turn better in tight corners, whereas strength affects how easy it is to slip. Finally, intelligence affects the potency of the chocobo’s unique ability. 

You can also deck your chocobo out from head to toe in gear that gives different attributes and even a set bonus should you wear the same themed gear. On the track, there are blue balloons that make your chocobo faster (like coins in Mario Kart), red balloons that fill your chocobo’s unique ability gauge, and yellow balloons that charge your dash gauge. The max speed you can get to is 10 and this will decrease should you collide with obstacles or other chocobos.

Hustle de Chocobo

Different obstacle courses have you riding your chocobos through various goalposts in hopes of achieving the fastest time! Faster times mean better rewards!

Glide de Chocobo

Another obstacle course minigame that has you gliding your chocobo off a cliff through as many rings as possible to score the most points before you land on the ground. Make sure to take advantage of the air generators that provide an updraft so you get some more airtime!

Run Wild: Free-For-All

A Rocket League-like soccer game that has you playing as Red XIII against 3 other quadrupedal opponents to score the most points under a time limit. Note that the soccer ball is huge, too.

Pirate’s Rampage

A shooting minigame that you would expect to find at a carnival. The goal is to shoot targets that come and go in various rounds to score the highest point possible. Adaptive triggers are enabled on this minigame, so shoot to your heart’s content.


This is another minigame that made its debut in the original Final Fantasy VII at the Gold Saucer. Use the technology of VR to recreate Cloud’s epic motorcycle fight from the previous game in an all new experience. Ride the G-Bike to defeat troopers, collect points, and fill your nitrous boost bar. The goal is to cross the finish line with the highest number of points.

Galactic Survivors

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s take on Space Invaders, where you pilot a spaceship to shoot down enemies in waves that culminate in a multi-phase boss battle. You can barrel roll, shoot, launch a proton bomb, or use a restorative charge. Claim victory in the galaxy!

Desert Rush

This minigame is similar to the Whack-a-Box challenge from Remake where you destroy as many boxes as you can within a certain time limit. The caveat here is that there are now certain boxes with a Gear symbol on them that must be powered up by Shock boxes first. This means you have to find the Shock boxes first and destroy them before you can proceed with the Gear ones.

Moogle Mischief

You stumble upon a Moogle house that is actually the Moogle Emporium! Mog the Moogle asks you to assist him in herding up various mischievous Moogles back to the mogstool. You basically need to corral the Moogles back to the main tree in this minigame. Playing this opens up the Moogle Shop where you can spend Moogle Medals you collected.

There are of course, other one off minigames that occur naturally with the progression of the narrative. I won’t spoil those and leave it for you to enjoy on your own accord! Will you be playing all of these aforementioned minigames or none at all? Let us know in the comments down below. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches exclusively for PlayStation 5 on February 29th.

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