Valiant efforts — Call Of Duty League Champs 2021 Day Three takeaways

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While Major V featured arguably the biggest esports comeback of all time, Day Three of Champs may have included some of the best maps we’ve seen this year. There were certainly some classic moments, two Game 5s, and one of the wildest Raid Hardpoints of 2021. Let’s jump right into today’s action, and talk about and predict tomorrow’s championship bout.

  • #FazeUp. Yeah, those guys are trying to remind you of how good they are since everyone only remembers the three losses in Stage V. Well, they also won three Majors, and after trashing Dallas Empire in a 3-0 victory, they were the first to the Grand Finals. While Dallas certainly kept it close in the Search and Destroy, it almost wasn’t fair the rest of the time. If they come out playing how they have in their two Champs matches, we’re going to be looking at the kings of the 2021 CDL season.
  • Minnesota Rokkr put up a fight, but in the end Toronto’s killer instinct was too much for them. It doesn’t help when your star sub in Attach goes 3 and 9 in the final map with under 1000 damage. There was no guarantee they were even going to make it there in the first place, but Standy went on an 11 spree to close out the second Hardpoint. The good news is you have a rookie of the year candidate in Standy going into next season, but you do have to question where the rest of the roster will be.
  • Dallas Empire looked unbeatable after the first match of the tournament, finishing off the Rokkr in a dominant 3-0 that had many predicting back to back championships. While they won a close one versus Toronto in winners, they still looked like their clutch gene was intact, but then the Atlanta match came and they looked whipped. Another close game versus Toronto later, and the Ultra returned the favor, knocking them out of Champs and ripping the chance at a ring for the second time in a row from their fingers.
  • As for the Toronto Ultra, it has to be a relief that they’re here. The initial loss to Dallas was a tough one to weather, but at least Chicago Optic was up next given they’ve had their number all season. They had to fight through two Game 5s, but their resilience was definitely on display in the second one versus Empire. See, one of the craziest Hardpoints in the world occurred, with a back and forth battle at the ring point on Raid ended 250-248. You’ll have to watch it to believe it, but if I were in their position my heart would have sunk into my chest. Good teams shake it off and play their best anyway, and Toronto Ultra is playing on Championship Sunday because of it.

So, what is tomorrow going to look like? Check out my prediction, thoughts on the match, and of course the bracket and link for the video!

Atlanta Faze vs the Toronto Ultra is going to be a banger tomorrow. These are two of the best teams in the league, both of who finished as the top two in the standings. Both have gotten here different ways, Faze without losing a map and Ultra through the gauntlet, but both deserve to be here. Toronto probably has the advantage at the main AR, where Insight has been a revelation even as good as Arcytis can be, I could see both tied at flex between Cammy and Cellium, as well as at entry sub, with CleanX and aBeZy doing good things. Simp is clearly the better player next to Bance, I mean, he just won MVP, but he also looked incredible in both matches. If I have to go with an X factor for each squad, Cellium has to play like he did versus Dallas, and CleanX has to find that ridiculous gear versus aBeZy’s aggression.

If I had to guess on a final score, I’m thinking Atlanta Faze wins 5-3. Yes, Toronto ran through losers to beat them at Major II, but Faze are playing too well, and it feels like Toronto has more survived here at the end compared to surprising everyone. Not to mention, Toronto isn’t getting that favorable extra games right before the Grand Finals like Major II. Both are starting on an even playing ground, so you have to get warm quickly. If the playoff matches have taught us anything so far, Faze are playing hot at the best time.


Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra | Championship Weekend | Finals

There are also some awesome viewership rewards to be earned, just head over to this link to set everything up! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out CallOfDuty.com, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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