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Every once in a while a company hits us up to try to get involved in our community. Today we are taking a look at Gear Best, and they’ve decided that the best way to introduce themselves is to do a quick giveaway. They are offering a Tronsmart Mirror2TV dongle that allows you to sling video, audio, photos, and much more to an HDTV from just about any other device. Ever wanted to throw a video you just watched on your tablet to your TV? This will do exactly that in crisp 1080p. If you want to get a look at the device description you can check that out at the official product page here.

To enter you’ll have to click the like button on Facebook and Youtube on their pages, per their rules, but it’s a pretty small price for a free gadget!

In addition to the giveaway, they are also giving Gaming Trend readers a 5% discount coupon that you can use on any product that Gear Best sells. Simply use the code “May05” to take 5% off your total purchase.

The contest will run for a week – good luck!

A Gaming Trend Giveaway

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