Tempest – open world pirate RPG giveaway

You may be on the fence on some of the AAA games that have come out lately, but don’t forget that there are some awesome games that don’t get all of that marketing madness. Today I’ve got a giveaway for a game called Tempest. Tempest is a an open world pirate RPG that looks FAR more gorgeous than it has a right to be at a $14.99 price point. As of this writing it has 400 reviews at a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam, and I have to say that I concur with that assessment. It’s a little like seafaring legends Sid Meier’s Pirates or Windward, but updated for a modern audience. With just a dash of the fantastic (sea monsters, magic, etc.) it scratches an itch for a genre that is drastically underserved.

You don’t have to just take my word for it — today we are giving away seven codes for the full game! We’ll be doing a short run on this contest, ending it on Friday morning so you can set sail on the seven seas for the weekend.

Good luck!

Tempest Steam Code Giveaway

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