Black Gold Online Giveaway!

Black Gold Online has recently jumped into Open Beta, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try it out for yourself, but we come bearing gifts! Today we kick off a contest to give away five physical copies of Black Gold Online: Conqueror’s Edition, as well as 10 codes for the Stoneskin Item Pack. What’s in those giveaways you might ask?  Well, I’m glad you did!


– Ceremonial Garment (Fashion)
– Officer’s Overcoat (Fashion)
– BLACK GOLD (1100) ($20 VALUE)

Stoneskin Item packs contain

1. Thunder Knight outfit (14 day duration)
2. 3x Level 3 Gem Box
3. OB White Stoneskin Horse (14 day duration)
4. Carrier Card – 50 point value
5. Primary Power Potion
6. Set of Primary Critical Potions
7. Life Guardian Potion
8. Primary Double EXP Potion
9. 3 Gold

We’ve also got all of the links you might want to try the game out for yourself, as well as the events that are going on during the Open Beta.

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Game Client Download:

Open Beta Events:

Black Gold Online is a very, very different type of MMO. Certainly there are classes (12 of them) and races (you can choose between six), but the similarities end right there. Want to build a giant stompy robot made of angry gears and hissing steam, then mount cannons on each arm to stalk the countryside? Well, that comes right after character creation. Do I have your attention now? I thought I might.

So how do you win you ask (and I’m still glad you did)?  Simple – check out your options below for restrictions and how to enter. Good luck!

Black Gold Online Giveaway

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