Get your vice on – Wikipad’s Gamevice coming to the Apple ipad mini

The designers over at Wikipad have a passion for giving tablet tappers an alternative way to play their games beyond awkward on-screen controller mapping. Now moving beyond their current Android-centric models, the new Gamevice aims to bridge at least one of mobile gaming’s great divides.

We were able to get a look at both of Wikipad’s designs at this year’s E3, and I have to say we were happy with the results the company was able to pull together since their recent start. The Gamevice is responsive and light without feeling cheap,and fans of the Wikipad 7 will certainly see the value in this unit, which fills a gaming accessory void many Apple players may know a bit too well. That’s assuming, of course, that a more versatile interface is something they’ve been looking for.

Since the Gamevice isn’t yet complete details on its final specs aren’t fully available yet. However some of the information Wikipad was willing to share was as follows:

  • A price has not yet been determined, but the Gamevice is aimed for a Christmas release.
  • While a black version may be available at launch, the unit is planned to release in Apple’s traditional polar white.
  • The current designs are very similar to what the final version will be with a few minor adjustments such as the placement/sculpt of the D-pad.
  • The device will connect via the Lightning connector.
  • There will be two models. One with a battery pack and another that is self-powered via the tablet, both of which recharge through a micro USB port.

We’ll bring you more information as it develops.

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