Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 reaches beta release milestone

by 4 months ago

Us old timers remember Wasteland. We remember it as Fallout before Fallout was Fallout. Wasteland was Brian Fargo's baby, and delivered the first worthwhile post-apocalyptic dystopic world giving players real …

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The most anticipated games of E3 2013

by and 11 months ago

With less than a week before E3 there is no doubt that there are some exciting surprises on the horizon.  While we know a good bit about some of the …

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Wasteland 2 backers get an early Christmas present!

by 1 year ago

While the more than 61,000 Kickstarter backers anxiously await the Wasteland 2 release, apparently developers inXile are interested in entertaining us through the holidays. What better way than a gift …

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Podcast May 6th- Kickstart my heart

by 2 years ago

    Though it's been around since 2008, the runaway success of Double Fine Adventure pushed crowd-funding site into the line of sight of game enthusiasts everywhere. Not only did the project …

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