Magic: The Gathering

Crazy Eights: Mark Rosewater on Kaladesh

by 7 months ago

Magic: The Gathering has unheard of longevity.  While several other collectible and trading card games have fallen by the wayside, Magic still goes strong.  Their latest edition Kaladesh has a distinct …

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More of the Same: For Better & For Worse – Magic Duels: Origins review

by 2 years ago

In the realm of Collectible Card Games one name stands at the top of the heap. The grand-daddy of them all, Magic: the Gathering still reigns supreme as the most …

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Planeswalkers Dueling on iPad, Magic Goes to 2013

by 5 years ago

Magic is one of the few Collectible Card Games that has actually been able to survive long term.  Many have come and gone due to cost, licensing issues, or a …

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