Magic: The Gathering

The Mana Curve – Issue 2: Deck Building in Standard

by 2 weeks ago

For definitions on formats and archetypes referenced in this article, go to Issue 1, The Mana Curve - Magic: The Gathering for Casual Players How was your first tournament? Exhilarating …

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The Mana Curve – Magic: The Gathering for Casual Players

by 2 months ago

Issue 1: Preparing for your first local tournament Do you own ten thousand cards and six different playmats? Have you had at least one of your decks banned in your …

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Crazy Eights: Mark Rosewater on Kaladesh

by 10 months ago

Magic: The Gathering has unheard of longevity.  While several other collectible and trading card games have fallen by the wayside, Magic still goes strong.  Their latest edition Kaladesh has a distinct …

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Planeswalkers Dueling on iPad, Magic Goes to 2013

by 5 years ago

Magic is one of the few Collectible Card Games that has actually been able to survive long term.  Many have come and gone due to cost, licensing issues, or a …

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