King of Tokyo

Origins 2016: New Tokyo, cat sushi, candy peddlers, and cube farms at Iello

by 10 months ago

Iello had a huge hit five years ago with King of Tokyo.  Whoever thought that a Yahtzee-style dice-rolling game could be so much fun?  Maybe it has something to do with …

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Play This, Not That! – A Dozen Better Board Games

by 3 years ago

Eat This, Not That! is one of the bestselling books of the last decade. In its pages, you learn how to eat better. Now before you panic, Gaming Trend is …

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King of Tokyo US Championship announced

by 4 years ago

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in an all-out brawl with some of the greatest movie monsters, then King of Tokyo is your game. …

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