2,500 tons of awesome – Archangel PSVR review

by 3 weeks ago

Pacific Rim, MechWarrior, Robotech, Gundam, Heavy Gear, Front Mission, Armored Core, Virtual On, Steel Battalion -- the list goes on nearly forever and proves one simple fact: we are in …

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Shoot and soar through the skies with Archangel this July

by 2 months ago

Skydance Interactive, the interactive entertainment division of Skydance Media, has announced that it will release its flagship VR game, Archangel, starting this July for PSVR and other VR platforms. The …

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iOS and Android Dungeon-Crawler “Archangel” Now Available

by 4 years ago

The Unity engine is on FIRE lately! Kickstarter games using the Unity engine are expanding greatly, and quite a few are coming to fruition. The latest Unity Engine driven title, …

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