Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem’s Bombshells trailer showcases three more characters

by 2 days ago

Agents of Mayhem is absolutely crazy, and that's one of Volition's strong suits.  Taking place in the same universe as their previous Saint's Row outings, Agents looks like it's going …

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Agents of Mayhem brought chaotic, weird fun to E3

by 1 week ago

I played Agents of Mayhem on the E3 showfloor last week -- the follow-up to developer Volition’s Saints Row IV -- and while my time with it was brief, I …

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Agents of Mayhem Adds Lazarus to Its Band of World-Saving Misfits

by 3 weeks ago

We are pretty excited to get eyes on Agents of Mayhem next week, but today we get to see one of the new characters for the game -- an agent …

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Agents of Mayhem Launching August 15th

by 2 months ago

Deep Silver has put together, in humorous fashion, a trailer for the upcoming open world third-person action game, Agents of Mayhem. To celebrate the crunch of tax day, Deep Silver …

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Most Anticipated Video and Board Games of 2017

by 4 months ago

2017 is just around the corner. While we celebrate some of the amazing games of 2016, there are quite a few exciting titles in tabletop and video gaming that we’d …

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Gaming Trend’s Best in Show Awards – E3 2016

by 1 year ago

The sun has risen and set on the show in Los Angeles, and while we gradually roll out our coverage and recuperate from sickness, we've taken some time to award …

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Carving a new path: Hands-on impressions with Agents of Mayhem

by 1 year ago

    Throughout their recent creations, Volition has maintained a strict through line with their world, their love for the color purple, and most notably, the off the wall action. When they …

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