Path of Exile

Path of Exile introduces season 2 race lineup, rewards

by 1 year ago

Free to play Diablo-style dungeon crawler Path of Exile has announced season two of its in-game race competitions. For those of you unfamiliar with it, these are timed competitions where …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 02–21-13–We’ve seen it all before

by and 2 years ago

    This week's episode of the Gaming Trend podcast is so totally played out.  It's tired, used up, run down.  It's all about the cliches we've all seen before and that …

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    Path of Exile updated: animation improvements, map generation recipes + more added

    by 2 years ago

    Path of Exile has received a patch today, deploying version 0.10.1 of this free-to-play Diablo-style dungeon crawler. Some bug fixes, some balance changes, but the bulk of the meat here comes …

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    Path of Exile- Closed Beta Preview

    by 3 years ago

    If you're like me, you've probably spent more time than you'd like to admit delving into the depths and dungeons of Diablo 2. With the coming release of Path of …

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