Metroid Prime

Nintendo Bringing Wii Games to Wii U’s eShop Throughout January

by 11 months ago

Nintendo has confirmed plans to roll out Wii games for download on the eShop for Wii U owners. Starting today, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be available on the eShop, …

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The Precursor Phenomenon- Why is the past always better in video games?

by 3 years ago

    We live in an age of ruin, fallen into the shadow of our ancestors. We see examples of their greatness around us: an impossibly beautiful city filled with incredibly powerful …

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    Metroid Prime Review

    by 12 years ago

    Ah, Metroid. How I remember in my younger years how much time I put into these classic titles. First Metroid on the NES, with its wondrous password saving feature, and …

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