Bethesda confirms Doom reboot showing at E3

by 2 weeks ago

    Bethesda has confirmed that it will be showing off the new Doom reboot at E3. News of this comes from a very brief teaser trailer that shows quick shots of …

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    Doom Reboot Will Not be Seen by the Public until 2015

    by 10 months ago

      The return of the Doom franchise was recently shown off at QuakeCon. However, it appears if you weren't there to see the demonstration, you won't get a chance to see …

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      Doom 4 Revealed at QuakeCon

      by 11 months ago

        Doom 4 Revealed at QuakeCon The next installment in the Doom franchise has been revealed exclusively at QuakeCon. Doom 4, simply titled Doom, will be a reboot of the long-running …

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        Prepare to meet your DOOM

        by 12 months ago

        The teaser trailer for DOOM is awfully similar to the teaser we saw for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty back in 2009. A rotating camera pans around a hulking, armored figure …

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        Germany Repeals Ban on Doom

        by 4 years ago

        Remember Doom, the old-school shooter from 1994? is reporting that Germany has finally repealed a 17-year old ruling that banned its sale. id argued that the game’s graphics were …

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