Original review system

Video Game Reviews

At Gaming Trend, we realize that gameplay is king.  Our review staff scores each game on its own merits and outside influence (publisher, developer, advertising pressure, etc.).  The scores are split into several categories, with each section getting a score from 1 to 100.  As gameplay is king, that score is doubled – it counts for twice as much.  The scores are then tallied and the final score is the result.  In rare occasion, a game may transcend either our criteria or its own faults.  In this case, the reviewer may at their own discretion edit the final score up to 5 points in either direction as a ‘reviewer bias’.

In the end, remember that reviews are entirely subjective.  The experience you may have with a game may be very different.   We at Gaming Trend try to quantify our reviews and explain the mechanics, as well as our gut feeling about whether or not the game is FUN!   If the game is the ‘best ever’, we try to explain why we feel that way.  All of our reviewers are gamers, many of them gaming since the early days of Colecovision and beyond.  PC gamers, console gamers, handheld gamers, gadget junkies, musicians, casual and hardcore both, we’ve got a diverse team that all carry a common goal – giving you all the information you need before you put your hard earned money on the counter at your local geek shop.  We are an all-volunteer army, which means we do this for fun.  We are just like you.  We are Gaming Trend.


Other Reviews

From time to time we get the opportunity to assess products that fall outside of the norm- hardware, peripherals, even board games. We take the same meticulous care with anything that comes across our desk. Rather than a composite score, however, we rate these products on a single score from 1 to 100.

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