Zen Pinball 2 Offers Free Update to Existing Tables, Vita Support

Virtual pinball experts and newcomers alike will have a lot to look forward to this spring when Zen Pinball 2 arrives on the PlayStation 3 and Vita.  While most sequels are designed as discrete, standalone experiences, Zen Studios will be offering the base package as a free update for all existing Zen Pinball players to automatically import all of their existing tables.  And you know what the best part is?

Additionally, players will enjoy cross-platform entitlement and any Zen Pinball 2 purchase will entitle players to both the PS3 and PS®Vita versions at no additional charge.

Emphasis theirs.  It’s a smart thing to highlight, too: every Zen Pinball 2 table is effectively a 2-for-1 deal, granting access on your giant gaming screen or portable gaming system, with all your high scores and accomplishments automatically linked between the two.

Zen Pinball 2 will also feature revamped ball physics, 3D support on compatible televisions, new trophies for every table, and Facebook integration for the boasters among you.  Its launch will be accompanied by a new four-table pack including ZP2-exclusive tables based on the Joss Whedon Avengers movie, “World War Hulk,” “Fear Itself,” and “The Infinity Gauntlet.”   Care to try before you buy?  Luckily, the demo system from the first game will be carried forward, allowing players to sample every available table before plunking down their hard earned cash.

Keep an eye out for Zen Pinball 2‘s official launch later this spring.

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