Yugoloths, Glabrezu Menace the Underdark

The first ever full expansion pack for Dungeons & Dragons Online is finally available, but that doesn’t mean Turbine will stop working to intrigue new players to see what the hubbub is all about.  Today’s screenshot dispatch showcases two of the new dungeons found in “Menace of the Underdark,” plus the following summary of what adventuring folk can expect to find:

Yugo Dungeon screenshots (in-game name, “The Deal and the Demon.”)

The Yugoloth are notorious mercenaries, willing to work for the highest bidder. They want your help getting rid of a Demon Lord inside the Demonweb – but can these jackal-headed creatures be trusted as allies? The dungeon introduces the player to the glabrezu, a powerful new type of demon.


Graveyard Dungeon screenshots (in-game name, “The Unquiet Graves”)

Drow necromancers have taken over a once-peaceful graveyard in the King’s Forest. Can you put a stop to their horrific practices? This dungeon introduces the player to the new necromancer game mechanics. You must kill the necromancers first – otherwise they will continue to raise the dead. Of course, if you kill one necromancer, another necromancer can bring him back from the dead as well….

Full details on Dungeons & Dragons Online and the new “Menace of the Underdark” expansion, including information on how the whole free-to-play model works, can be found at the official website.

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