You Might Want to Bookmark This Persona 4 Arena Tutorial Video

No, I can assure you, Mitsuru-senpai, that if I ever mash ‘C’ and ‘D’ at the moment required to hip check my way out of an opponent’s throw, it will be from the purest of blind luck.  My fighting game reflexes pretty much begin and end at the “quarter-circle forward for projectile” level, so all your fancy talk of RPG-style status afflictions and pivot feints fall well beyond my ability level.  Perhaps some of our more sprightly readers can make better sense of it all right after the jump!



If all this sounds like something you think you’ve got the reflexes to pull off, just remember that Persona 4 Arena won’t be available for the 360 and PS3 until August 7th, 2012.  Come on back anytime you need a refresher…and let me know how you’re doing while you’re at it!

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