You can play Hitman’s penultimate episode right now

The penultimate episode of IO Interactive’s Hitman series — Episode 5: Colorado — is out today, with an explosive launch trailer to boot.

The new mission, called Freedom Fighters, takes Agent 47 to a Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp where he’ll have to locate and execute four different targets. The mission packs 70 different challenges that can unlock brand new gear, weapons, and items.

“This is the point where the events of the previous episodes will really start to make sense,” Michael Vogt, Hitman’s lead writer said. “In Episode 5, the story steps into the foreground and provides a much clearer picture of what has been unfolding and where the story is heading. We hope players don’t reveal too many spoilers online, but at the same time I’m excited to hear the reactions to the revelations of this episode. It paves the way for an intriguing and rewarding season finale.”

Agent 47 has been busy since Episode 4 launched in August with several high profile targets popping up in previous maps, such as The Pharmacist and even real-life personality Gary Busey.

Which episode has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments.

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