Yakuza: Dead Souls Set To Release This Week

Yakuza: Dead Souls is set to release on March 13th 2012. Yakuza will bring back our hero Kazuma Kiryu, but also three other playable characters. With these installment in the franchise a whole new enemy will be born. While he has to save his kidnapped daughter something more cynical lies on the Tokyo streets, zombies. Yes zombies will be roaming and a major part of the game play so to help your adventures there are now guns available to use for the first time in the series.

In addition to melee combat featuring punches, kicks and the possibility to use objects during fights, Yakuza: Dead Souls features gunplay for the first time in the Yakuza series where everything from pistols, machine guns and rocket launchers can be employed against your enemies. Just remember to save some ammo, in case you run into something far more terrifying than zombies! With all the depth, story and the plethora of mini-games of a Yakuza title, plus the addition of exciting shoot-outs and previously unplayable characters Ryuji Goda and Goro Majima, Yakuza: Dead Souls is definitely worth dying for.

Yakuza: Dead Souls is shaping up to be a unique and stark change to past games. Zombies are nothing new to games but with the style of Yakuza it will be interesting to see it all take place. Get your PS3’s loaded and your shotgun at the ready.

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