XCOM: Enemy Unknown Digs Deep

The best location for my first X-COM base might be the very first strategic pointer I took from a gaming magazine.  Central Europe had the highest concentration of participating nations packed together, so even the basic radar facility offered enough coverage to satisfy a number of financial backers.  The article also urged setting up a second base in North America as soon as possible since the United States and Canada were such generous benefactors, but I could never bother with that degree of micromanagement and the Americas always succumbed to extraterrestrial influence by the early 2000’s.

This pragmatic sense of multiculturalism is one of the reasons why I feel so good about Firaxis’ decision to focus on making the excavation and construction of a single base as rewarding as possible.  Shuffling equipment and personnel from one side of the globe to another felt like administrative busy work.  Here, they plan to give me a ration of space, money, and game play bonuses depending on how I decide to lay out my facilities?  Yes, sign me up!


XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Deep Dive #2 (HD 1080p)


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is set to release simultaneously for the PC, 360, and PS3 on October 9th.


(h/t: No High Scores)


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