Xbox One hard drive not user servicable

Xbox One Hard DriveMore Xbox One details not mentioned in today’s reveal continue to come out. Earlier, we got official confirmation that Xbox One games will require installation to the hard drive in order to play. This installation can be done in parts so that you can begin playing without a long wait, but it immediately raises questions about hard drive capacity. The Xbox One’s 500GB of storage space might sound generous now, but any PC gamer can vouch for how quickly a decent game collection will eat up that space. Well, Microsoft’s senior director of product planning Albert Penello confirmed to Engadget that the standard 500GB Xbox One hard drive will not be replaceable. For more space, external storage is the only option.

Hard drives in the Xbox One are non-user-serviceable, but Penello confirmed that the USB 3.0 port is there for external storage, which can be used for everything the internal storage can be used for. That includes game installs and downloads.

I can totally see a line of “official” Xbox One external hard drives released by Microsoft. What do you think?

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